Rocky Bhai: From Bus Driver's Son to Ravana Role?

Votes are being sought in the entire country in the name of Ram temple established in Ayodhya. Ram (Arun Govil) himself is contesting elections in the name of Ram in Meerut.

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Rocky Bhai From Bus Driver's Son to Ravana Role
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Votes are being sought in the entire country in the name of Ram temple established in Ayodhya. Ram (Arun Govil) himself is contesting elections in the name of Ram in Meerut. Nitesh Tiwari, a Bollywood producer, has kept himself in the headlines for three years in the name of making 'Ramayana'!!! It seems that on the lines of 'Ram's name is loot, if you can loot, then loot', at present Ram's name has become the biggest market for sale in the country. And behind this news... Nowadays, the news of the film 'Ramayana' being made for the big screen keeps making headlines every now and then. There is similar news about Kannada star Yash Goda regarding playing the role of Ravana in 'Ramayana'.

Yash's Role in 'Ramayana': Uncertain Future as Ravana

Yash's Role in 'Ramayana': Uncertain Future as Ravana
There has been a discussion going on for a long time about handing over the role of Ravana, the biggest villain of the earth, to Yash. The new discussion about 'Ramayana' is that Ravana (Yash) has walked out of this film directed by Nitesh Tiwari starring Ranbir Kapoor (Ram), Sai Pallavi (Sita), Sunny Deol (Hanuman). It is reported that KGF star Yash has been offered a remuneration of Rs 80 to 150 crores for playing the role of Ravana, but Yash has kept the news of becoming Ravana hanging in 'yes' and 'no'. Some people are saying that Yash is not playing the role of Ravana in the film and some people are saying that along with playing the role of Ravana, he is also the co-producer of the film.
 KGF star Rocky Bhai
150 crores for a film? Many Bollywood actors might not be able to believe it, but the condition of Pan India stars is like this these days. Hearing about their payment makes old producers sweat. On top of this, there is a rumor that KGF star Rocky Bhai (his name in the film) Yash Gowda has rejected the offer of Rs 150 crore. Earlier there was talk of giving him Rs 80 crore. When he started shying away from becoming "Ravan", the amount given to him was increased to Rs 150 crore. It cannot be confirmed whether Yash accepted or rejected this offer.
Yash has confirmed the news of joining 'Ramayana' as a smart player. He said that he wanted to do some special work, and for this, he went to VFX studios in Los Angeles and met the filmmakers. There he met Namit Malhotra who was of the same mind as him. Namit was associated with the production team of 'Ramayana' as a producer. Yash felt that what would be bigger than the Ramayana epic to do something big for the screen? If it is made on a large scale, it will be useful not only for pan India but also for the international market. Yash also joined Namit in equal participation in the production of Ramayana. He is only interested in making this big project. As far as roles are concerned, he thinks differently. Although Yash has not given any reason for not doing Ravana, according to a surveyor, the character of Ravana has been played only by Arvind Trivedi in Ramanand Sagar's serial, no one even remembers the other Ravana. Fourteen films have been made on Ramayana in which Ravana is the villain. In the previous film 'Adishakti' (which starred Prabhas Ram), Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan played Ravana... but he did not get any benefit. Yash is a pan-India star from KGF chapters one and two and he wants a blast like that.
Nitesh Tiwari's Ramayana: Ranbir Kapoor and Yash to go on floors soon,  shooting schedule locked!
...Yash comes from a middle-class family. Father was a bus driver of Karnataka State Transport. His studies could not progress due to financial constraints and he could study only till class 12th. His passion for films took him to Bangalore and he has completed the journey from background artist, serial artist to hero. Considering the importance of money in his life, it can only be said that in a powerful role like Ravana for which he was paid Rs. 150 There is talk of getting remuneration up to crores, he will not leave this role. Along with acting, Yash is associated with two films as co-producer which will be released in 2025. These films are 'Toxic: A Fairy Tale for Grown-Ups and 'Ramayana'. Both the films will make him rich next year.
-Sharad Rai
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