Saiyami Kher Advocates for Safer Cycling Streets in Mumbai

Actress and cyclist Saiyami Kher raises concerns about the safety of cyclists in Mumbai due to ongoing infrastructure development

Kher highlights the risks faced by cyclists due to the lack of space caused by the construction of metro tracks, flyovers, and coastal roads

The increasing number of accidents involving cyclists in Mumbai calls for urgent measures to protect their safety

Kher emphasizes the need for interconnecting pedestrian routes and wide bike lanes to ensure the safety of cyclists

She advocates for the establishment of dedicated cycle lanes and the recognition of cycling as a sustainable mode of transport

Kher stresses the importance of safety equipment and careful cycling to prevent accidents

The actress urges the city administration to prioritize the creation of safe cycling infrastructure in Mumbai

Urban planning should consider cycling as part of the planning effort to create a consistent riding environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and public transport users