Sandip Soparrkar's connection with banarasi sari?

Soparrkar was undoubtedly a classical dancer's dream, his poise, his balances were just breath-taking and he just glided on stage in facile and flawless ways.

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Sandip Soparrkar's connection with banarasi sari
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Soparrkar was undoubtedly a classical dancer's dream, his poise, his balances were just breath-taking and he just glided on stage in facile and flawless ways. जेश्चर were rhythmic and smooth, integrating with grace and timing to reveal the complex motifs of the Nepalese collection,. As he moved along the ramp, for each step that he took, it seemed to be telling a story, and the ticket-holders were transfixed in the world of fashion and culture in India.

Sandip Soparrkar at Asif Sheik's Event

The talented choreographer Sandip Soparrkar won applause at the recent showcase of the boutique fashion designer Asif Sheik's new"Banarsi collection". The Event, at the revered Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Memorial, highlighted the traditional beauty of Indian weaving and craftsmanship,

Sandip Soparrkar at Asif Sheik's Event

Soparrkar echoed in the festivities and was accompanied by Her Royal Highness Queen of Vadodara Radhikaraje Geakwad Guise,  with Soparrkar cleverly draping the sari as master dhoti, which was endlessly created pain takenly by the artisans for almost four months. A saree, in which I have witnessed fashioned using silk threads, very well and artistically woven together, that has captured the beauty of elegance and sophistication.

Choreographed by Supriya Shah and the direction by Lubna Adam, with an immaculately done choreography enable the audience to engage and remain glued to the show.

Apart from the glorious saris, Asif Shaikh's "Banarsi collection" also sponsored the sustained growth of local weavers in India

The designers beautifully expressed their traditions, modernly with the combination of the traditional weavers’ techniques and contemporary design elements through this Banarsi collection. The designers confirmed their talent and inventiveness at that. The ever sparkling, dense and detailed patterns representing the rich artistic level of India's cultural heritage were well proportioned by the designer who used the modern and semi-modern elements to attract the fashion related people. Soparrkar did not only make a magnificent adornment to the collection; his presence and skills signified the meaning behind each design and allowed the viewers to perceive the complexity and excellence of each artwork.

Soparrkar's mighty presence on the stage took the eventness of the event to new heights, as it is laden with grandeur and sophistication. His mesmerizing performance was speechless: The magnetism and the talent of his bravura marveled the public, got them sparkling and left them shouting at his genius and artistic capabilities. His performance, being the highlight, although was just a part of the whole event however, it created a complete experience that marked the show forever for all in the audience.

The dancer Sandip, through his impeccable dance moves came across as someone who could make things even more attractive and beautiful for the audience during the function. He was a master at his craft; and he, together with Banarsi sarees, dovetailed so perfectly to provide magical beauty , which was not only memorable but also reflected Indian fashion and culture.



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