Surge in Positive Vibes: Modi and Yogi Hailed as Modern-Day Icons

National Excitement Soars as Positivity Takes Center Stage: Ram Temple's Foundation Stone and Consecration Stir Enthusiasm, Signifying the Nation's Progress on the Path of Development.

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Surge in Positive Vibes Modi and Yogi Hailed as Modern-Day Icons

The whole country is in excitement. The percentage of positivity dose (thinking of positivity) has increased. Even if the reason is the foundation stone laying ceremony of Ram temple and the consecration ceremony, it is also a big thing to realize that the country has moved on the path of development. Be it TV channels, newspapers, magazines, social media, village chaupal, or other mediums of news, the discussion seems to be about development. It is being said that Modi and Yogi have created this environment. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath have presented the image of India to the whole world in the name of "Ayodhya", for this their actions are being seen at the level of the famous kings Vikramaditya and Bhoj.

Modi and Yogi are equivalent to Vikramaditya and Bhoj

Modi and Yogi are equivalent to Vikramaditya and Bhoj

It is mentioned in history that two ancient kings of India, Vikramaditya and Bhoj, had done a lot of work for the propagation of Hindu religion, culture, and Sanatan. It is said that King Vikramaditya had built a grand temple of Ram at the birthplace of Ram in Ayodhya, thousands of years after Lord Ram took the water mausoleum when Ayodhya was in ruins. Which was demolished by Babar's commander Mir Baqi (in 1528) and Babri Masjid was built at that place. The fight to reclaim the same Ram temple has lasted for 500 years. King Vikramaditya was surrounded by neighboring heretic kings. He did so much work in a short period that 14 kings later received titles in his name. Modi's eyes are on 27 states of the country where the Subedars go among the people in the name of Modi. In the next generations of Vikramaditya, there was Raja Bhoj, who like him, was a king who worked a lot for the expansion of Hindu religious tradition. Raja Bhoj built many temples, monuments, etc during his time. Kedarnath, Mahakal, Somnath and Saraswati temples belong to the same time. Bhopal city was established, rivers were channelized and after the Somnath temple was destroyed by Mahmud Ghaznavi, Bhoj built a new Somnath temple in Dhar.

Modi and Yogi

Image of the democratic king:

It can be said that Modi and Yogi are like democratic kings of the same tradition. Earlier, kings used to dare to do such work, Modi is an advocate of the same level of development. On social media, YouTube analyst Manish Thakur has even said that Modi has done better than King Vikramaditya because he faces more opposition from 'demons'. It is more difficult to work today than it was then. Today there are 38 parties in the country, everyone beats their drum. In the name of secularism, Prime Minister Modi is surrounded by so-called intellectuals, journalists, and heterodox critics who call for foreign imitation. Despite being surrounded from all sides, he is continuing to carry forward his work. It is Modi's nature to move forward by strictly following his religion Hindutva, considering everyone's development. It is a very adventurous task. Every Indian is filled with positivity because of the way Modi ji is carrying out the work of enhancing the name of the country in the world while maintaining our Vedic culture, eternal civilization, and traditions. After Kashi (Varanasi), the development of Ayodhya at the global level has given a new way for tourism to earn money and has also increased the bravery of India across the world. When foreign tourists come, now they will first want to see Ayodhya in India and not the Taj Mahal.


-Sharad Rai

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