Unique thoughts of unique girl Adah Sharma wearing grass slippers

Adah Sharma, 'The Kerala Story' star, turns heads at the airport in a white kurti, sky-blue pants, and eco-friendly grass slippers, showcasing her unique fashion sense and commitment to the environment.

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Adah Sharma wearing grass slippers

Blockbuster film 'The Kerala Story' star Adah Sharma often remains in the headlines not only for her acting but also because of her unique fashion statement. Recently at the airport, Adah wore a simple white kurti and sky-blue pants, which showcased her beauty even more. However, what caught the most attention of netizens was her grass slippers, which emphasize her commitment to the environment.

Known for her originality and transparent personality, Adaa Sharma's fashion choices reflect her signature style. Netizens have praised her for promoting eco-friendly fashion after watching her viral video wearing grass slippers.

Adah Sharma Shines 'The Kerala Story' to 'Bastar' Excitement

Adah Sharma Shines: 'The Kerala Story' to 'Bastar' Excitement

Adah Sharma has been shining in the headlines since the success of 'The Kerala Story'. Her next film is, 'Bastar - The Naxal Story', which is scheduled to release on March 15, 2023, and people are very excited about this film. In this film, Ada will be seen in the role of a soldier, showcasing her versatile talent. Additionally, she will be seen in a comedy role for the first time in Sunflower Season 2, her fans are very curious to see her in a comedy role.

By the by, Adah Sharma discusses her social media approach with a pinch of salt and also shares her views on her web series 'Sunflower Season 2'.

Adah Sharma

Adah Sharma: Embracing Authenticity on Social Media

Known for both her films and social media presence, Adah, who recently achieved box office success with 'The Kerala Story', is gearing up for her upcoming films and web series.
On the other hand, Adah emphasizes authenticity in the world of social media,  Be it the freedom to move around without makeup being involved in any social activity, or playing with street dogs, cats, monkeys, or bathing elephants. She enjoys real moments, away from her film characters.

When Adah is not acting in front of the camera, she likes to appear in her true form without makeup and any filters. She says that she is not afraid to highlight her flaws like messy hair or dark circles under the eyes.

Adah Sharma: Navigating Fame, Love, and Criticism on Social Media

Acknowledging the fame and love she has received from millions of fans and film audiences, Adah also faces social media trolls with utmost grace.

She believes that if her fans and audiences have the right to express love towards her, then they also have the right to criticize. Adah considers herself lucky that she has a huge fan base who fiercely counters the negative comments supporting her.

Regarding the challenges that women face in their lives, Ada recognizes the different types of struggles that women face in different environments.

Adah Sharma Empowering Women through Her Films
Adah Sharma: Empowering Women through Her Films

For example, she says, an urban girl may be concerned about staying fit, while a village girl may be concerned about the availability of toilets. Adah demands equal rights for all women.
Adah also recalled that particular proud moment during 'The Kerala Story' when she saw the audience completely engrossed in the film. Women of all ages were in tears as they realized the strong bond between the two generations.

Adah gained recognition even being an outsider in the Bollywood film industry and at the same time, she inspires young girls, women actors, and actresses and brings a sense of pride in them.

We wish Ada Sharma all the success, in all her endeavors. Her crazy fans are eagerly waiting for her next release.


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