Why this kind of debate is arising about Kangana entry into politics?

For the last few days, there is a fierce battle going on in the internet world regarding the dirty comments on actress Kangana Ranaut, due to which Kangana is once again in the headlines.

By Sulena Majumdar Arora
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Kangana Ranaut met BJP national president JP Nadda
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For the last few days, there is a fierce battle going on in the internet world regarding the dirty comments on actress Kangana Ranaut, due to which Kangana is once again in the headlines. Kangana, who has been nominated by the BJP for the Lok Sabha from Mandi in Himachal, has expressed her deep disappointment over the derogatory comments made against the beautiful Mandi, popularly known as Chhota Kashi.

Kangana Reacts to Controversial Comments on Mandi

कांग्रेस नेता सुप्रिया श्रीनेत के सोशल मीडिया अकाउंट हैक, कंगना को लेकर की  पोस्ट के बाद बवाल - India TV Hindi

This reaction of Kangana comes after the comment of Congress leader Supriya Shrinet, which has given rise to a big political controversy before the Lok Sabha elections.

"What hurt me the most were the derogatory comments made about Mandi, known as Chhota Kashi, where great saints like Rishi Parashar and Rishi Markandeya lived," Kangana said ahead of her meeting with BJP chief JP Nadda in New Delhi.

Responding to Supriya's objectionable comment, Kangana had earlier mentioned that she has played diverse roles in films and believes that every woman deserves respect. Kangana gave Supriya, a piece of her mind and said, .

Supriya Shrinet Latest News, Updates in Hindi | सुप्रिया श्रीनेत के समाचार  और अपडेट - AajTak

“Dear Supriya ji, in my 20-year career as an artiste, I have played various roles , from an innocent girl in Queen to a detective in Dhaakad, from a goddess in Manikarnika to a demon in Chandramukhi, From a prostitute in Rajjo to a revolutionary leader in Thalaivii," Ranaut Also shared it in a post on X. She said, “We must free our daughters from the chains of prejudice, rise above the curiosity about their bodies and most importantly, avoid using the challenges faced by s*x workers as abuse or insults, she said," “Every woman deserves respect.”

However Shrinate, who serves as the chairperson of social media and digital platforms for the Congress, clarified on X that anyone who knows her would understand that she would never make such a statement about any woman. Srinet claimed that someone had gained access to her accounts.

“An extremely disgusting and offensive post was made from my meta accounts (FB and Insta) by someone who had access to it, but it has been removed. Those who know me know that I have never ever said any disrespectful word towards anyone, I can never say anything like that.
She added, "However, I recently found a parody account" misusing my name on Twitter, which is what started this whole prank, and it has been reported."

If government wishes...: Kangana on entry in politics - Rediff.com

Now not only the women of Indian cinema but also the women of global cinema have raised their eyebrows regarding this kind of debate arising about Kangana's entry into politics.

The question is arrising, Why does it happen, that whenever a female film artist enters politics, she is accused?

For a very long time, the image of Bollywood heroines in India has been that of an attractive presence on screen, fueled by glamor and s*x appeal.

The world is crazy about the supernatural beauty of Bollywood heroines who weave magic on our cinema screens, mesmerizing us with their dance, their laughter, their tears. But have we ever tried to see the fire that burns within her, that she does not just want to be a pretty face on a poster but wants to be a voice that resonates in the corridors of power?
But hardly any of their voices are heard in the corridors of power. Actresses who enter politics often have to face a barrage of criticism. They are only considered to be attention-grabbing young bodies, sensational objects and magnets to invite the audience.

But when it comes to politics, these Bollywood queens are dismissed as actresses lacking the intellectual capacity for serious political discussion and are often called dancers and advised to remain confined to the screen only. This thinking not only belittles the intelligence and ambition of these women but also reflects deep-seated gender discrimination.

Bollywood queens

For too long, the narrative surrounding actresses in Indian politics has been a cruel caricature. They have often been dismissed as fleeting stars seeking the long limelight, or their intelligence and ambition presented as mere whispers in the background of politics. It's a story that stings, isn't it? It's like a slap on the face of women who dare to dream beyond the silver screen.

India boasts a rich history of women playing important roles in its freedom struggle and shaping the country's political landscape. From the fierce voice of Rani Lakshmibai to the dynamic leadership of Sarojini Naidu, our country has seen a lot of the power of women's courage and intelligence. Yet, when it comes to contemporary politics, cinema actresses have, somehow, become an anomaly. Their hard work in public service is seen as a publicity stunt rather than their genuine desire to contribute to the service of their country.

But this perception is far from the truth, my friend, the truth that is alive. Don't forget the talent of these women. They didn't just deliver lines of dialogue and dance to catchy tunes, they have played complex characters, delved into the depths of human emotions, and brought them to life with such conviction that they have made us laugh, cry, and inspire over the years. And this is not a skill to be scoffed at. This is the foundation of becoming a good politician – connecting with people, getting immersed in their concerns, emotions and understanding their aspirations and weaving a story of hope. These women of cinema world are not ornaments. They are a warrior burnt in the fire of the film industry. They have had to deal with the constant scrutiny of cameras, the demands of directors, the fickle nature of fame. They have learned to navigate a world that can be as glamorous as it is cutthroat.

Shabana Azmi, Hema Malini on govt asking senior artists to stay home: 'Will  they ensure no leader above 65 attends political rallies' | Bollywood -  Hindustan Times

Think of Shabana Azmi, her voice advocating social justice, take Hema Malini, as soon as she entered politics, the smoothness of her cheeks were compared to a smooth road. Hema had to pay the price of her natural beauty for such comments, but then again Hema proved that her famous smile not only reflects film-star charm but also has the calmness of a leader who connects with her people, country and villages. Her Dignity is also visible.

Talking about Jaya Bhaduri Bachchan, she is as skilled and intelligent an actress as she is an equally intelligent, aware and fearless politician. They are not the women who can be easily dismissed. They are  the embodiment of "Shakti" – the divine feminine, the powerful and nurturing force of society.

Now, some may argue that there are actresses who have, frankly, entered the political arena for less good reasons. Perhaps under a fleeting desire for fame, or they may be the puppets of some political puppet master (who is pulling the strings)  But the question is, should we judge all actresses wrongly because of those few people? Isn't this like dismissing all politicians because of one man's scam? Indian actresses deserve better than this.

Kangana Ranaut slams film magazine for nomination, says she is 'pitted  against mediocre work' | Bollywood News - The Indian Express

As actress Kangana Ranaut has boldly appealed, all of us women, be they journalists, actresses, dancers, politicians or s*x workers, all should deserve respect and we all deserve a political landscape that is diverse. who belongs to all walks of life including the dazzling world of cinema.

In fact, it is because of the actresses of the cinema world that common women understand many ways of living life. By associating themselves with the female characters of films, common women weave a dream, gain courage and find happiness. You cannot even imagine how much influence the women of cinema have had on these common women. These heroines bridge the gap between the glamor of Bollywood and the harsh realities of urban and rural India. They can connect with the younger generation, who idolize them on screen and inspire them to be active and good citizens. They can bring home a fresh perspective, free from the burden of tradition, yet deeply rooted in the values of this great nation.

This dismissive attitude toward actresses often stems from a narrow understanding of what it means to be an actor. Do the commenters know how Indian cinema actresses hone their craft through dedication, discipline and the ability to connect with the audience on an emotional level through their characters? The skills required to be an effective politician are the ability to communicate a vision, inspire action, and connect with voters. Actresses like Nargis Dutt, Jaya Bachchan, Shabana Azmi, Hema Malini, Kirron Kher, Khushboo and Smriti Irani have proven their mettle by tackling complex issues and advocating for change.

kangana ranaut reply to jaya bachchan, bollywood drugs case | जया बच्‍चन के  कमेंट पर कंगना रनौत का जवाब, श्‍वेता-अभ‍िषेक का नाम लेकर उठाया ये सवाल,  kangana ranaut reply to jaya bachchan

It’s also important to remember that acting isn’t just about beauty. It requires intelligence, the ability to understand complex people and complex problems and motivations, and the ability to communicate them in a realistic way. These are the qualities needed to move forward in the complex world of politics.

Furthermore, film actors often have a strong platform to address social issues, and raise awareness through their films and public appearances. This experience puts them in an unparalleled position to understand the needs of the people they represent.

In fact, there may be cases where an actor enters politics purely for fame or personal gain. But excluding all women so drastically from this profession is not only unfair, it discourages real talent from entering politics. The fact is that India desperately needs more and more diverse female voices in politics. Actors of different backgrounds and experiences can bring new perspectives.

They can connect with the younger generation, advocate for the social issues they are passionate about, and perhaps most importantly, challenge the status quo.

Let’s move away from the comments of prejudiced people, instead, let’s celebrate women who have the courage to subvert expectations and use their influence to create positive change. We should evaluate them based on their political affiliation, work ethic, and contribution to society and not the roles they have played on screen. Indian politics needs stronger, more accomplished women, and the female actors who choose this path deserve our respect, not ridicule.


Their desire to leave their comfortable life and work for the public good should be an inspiration, not a laughing matter. Actors in politics should not be judged by onscreen work but by their jobs. Let them be a force for progress, using their voice and platform to empower themselves and others. Today India is a country we can all be proud of – this is the India, where women from all walks of life are appreciated for their contributions, not belittled for their choices. Of course, this journey will not be easy for the women of the film industry. They will be closely scrutinized by the public and opposition, and their every move will be rigorously scrutinized because they are considered to be outsiders (not from the political arena) But the point is -  are they really outsiders? Are they not the daughters of the soil of India, they breathe the same air, and they share dreams just like our common women. They deserve a chance to prove themselves, not on-screen characters, but on the basis of the kind of leaders they aspire to be. So, the next time you hear ridiculous whispers about an actor entering politics, let’s get together and challenge the thoughts of the prejudiced people. Let us see them not as fleeting stars, but as constellations that can illuminate our politics.

Let’s judge them by their actions, their policies, and their dedication to the welfare of this country, not their movie characters. Their stories deserve to be woven into the rich fabric of Indian politics, stories imbued with patience, grace, and an indomitable passion for change. This is the India we deserve, an India where women, from the silver screen to the dusty villages, can rise to the challenge and make a difference. Let’s not forget the social conscience of many actors.

They have used their platforms to raise awareness on a number of important issues - from women's empowerment to the environment. They walk shoulder to shoulder with the underprivileged and have given a voice to the voiceless. Isn’t this the essence of being a leader? Exercising your right to help others? If Kangana is interested in doing this, then congratulate her, and invite her. The public will decide what is worth in the Mandi, not us or you.


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