Why this kind of debate is arising about Kangana entry into politics?

There is a debate arising about actress Kangana Ranaut's entry into politics due to derogatory comments made against her

Kangana Ranaut has expressed disappointment over the comments and emphasized the importance of respecting every woman

Actresses who enter politics often face criticism and are dismissed as lacking intellectual capacity for serious political discussion

This belittles the intelligence and ambition of these women and reflects deep-seated gender discrimination

Indian actresses have played important roles in the country's history, but their contributions in contemporary politics are often seen as publicity stunts

Acting requires intelligence, understanding of complex issues, and the ability to connect with people, which are also important qualities for politicians

Actors have a platform to address social issues and raise awareness, making them well-suited for politics

While there may be cases where actors enter politics for personal gain, it is unfair to dismiss all actresses based on a few individuals

India needs more diverse female voices in politics, and actresses can bring new perspectives and challenge the status quo

The public should judge actresses in politics based on their actions, policies, and dedication to the welfare of the country, not their on-screen characters