Next Generation Of Cancer Care is Preventive, Personalised and Omnichannel: Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital

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Next Generation Of Cancer Care is Preventive, Personalised and Omnichannel: Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital

Saarthi, India’s first Precision Oncology Navigation Programme was launched by the hospital

ir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital, today, hosted a Global Townhall in association with Karkinos Healthcare (technology driven oncology focused firm to enable early detection) which featured international and national experts like Dr. Keith T.Flaherty, professor from Havard Medicine School, Dr. Suresh Advani, Mentor at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital, Dr. Vijay Haribhakti, Director Onco Sciences, at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital, Dr Prashant Kumar from Karkinos and Dr T Raja, Director -Medical Oncology, Apollo Chennai. The discussion deliberated on Precision Oncology (including each aspect of diagnostics, therapeutics and geo-political landscape). The dialogue further detailed the understanding of novel, molecularly targeted therapies in cancer and how to measure the development of response. It dwelled into discussing predictive biomarkers to define the mechanisms of action and resistance of novel therapies, as well as to identify the optimal target population.


In addition to the discussions to strengthen education about prevention of cancer as well as its treatment, Dr. Tarang Gianchandani, CEO, Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital along with Mrs. Priya Dutt, Ex Member of Parliament, Champion of Cancer Care and Trustee of Nargis Dutt Foundation and Dr. Sewanti Limaye, Director Precision Oncology as well as the treating doctor of Mr Sanjay Dutt (actor) announced the launch of “Saarthi” a Patient Navigation programme, the first Precision Navigation Program in the country. This program will be dedicated to patients and care givers who will be collaborating with NGOs countrywide for patient navigation.


The Guest of Honour Mr. Sanjay Dutt, an award winning Bollywood star, and Global Champion for Cancer Care by The Defeat-NCD Partnership, in conversation with his treating oncologist Dr Sewanti Limaye spoke about his journey from the time he was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in August 2020 to how he approached precision based treatment under the watchful eyes of Dr. Limaye and her team, and eventually achieved complete remission. He spoke about approaching the diagnosis with optimism and courage, maintaining fitness-full lifestyle and the priceless contribution of the support from his friends and family during treatment. He also spoke about his desire to champion the cause of Precision in cancer care and challenges to access to cancer care.


Quote from Dr. Tarang Gianchandani: “We, at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital are committed to the concept of Precision and proud to say that we run one of the first Precision Cancer Centers in the country. We hope to elevate the level of cancer care and cancer research practiced in the country.”

Quote by Dr. R Venkataramanan, Founder and CEO of Karkinos Healthcare:

"Grateful to HN and Dr. Sewanti Limaye for allowing us to be a part of the path-breaking program which fundamentally transforms precision oncology in an affordable and accessible manner. Looking forward to more such initiatives in the future.


Quote from Dr Sewanti Limaye: “Each cancer patient deserves Personalized Cancer Treatment that is specific to their cancer. There is no better other way to treat cancer than with Personalized Precision Oncology. Precision Oncology is the next generation of Cancer Care that has the potential to provide significant benefits to patients and affect strategic shifts in the way Cancer Care is delivered.”

Quote from Sanjay Dutt: “I am a reel life hero, but Sewantiji (Dr Sewanti Limaye) is a real life hero. She is like Munna Bhai MBBS. I can’t thank Dr Sewanti and her team enough for their consistent efforts that have helped me battle cancer.”


About HN Reliance Foundation Hospital:

Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre is located in Girgaon, Mumbai. It is a 345-bed, multi-Speciality tertiary care hospital with following thrust areas: Cardiac Sciences, Gastroenterology & Hepatobiliary Sciences, Liver Transplant, Nephro-Urology, Neuro Sciences, Oncology, Orthopaedics & Spine, and Woman & Child Health. The Hospital has a medical Mall with progressive diagnostic services, including Laboratories, Radiology & Imaging, and Nuclear Medicine. This is a technologically-advanced institution designed to international standards and the most stringent criteria in infrastructure, medical care, fire-safety norms, and environmental guidelines.

About Karkinos:

Karkinos Healthcare is a technology driven oncology focused managed health care platform for early detection and diagnosis of common cancers. The organisation espouses use of a distributed cancer care network, while working with network of healthcare institutions and domain experts within the ecosystem, with an aim to provide comprehensive cancer care closer to individuals’ home.


Tata Group, Reliance Industries, Mayo Clinic, and Rakuten Medical Inc. are among the world's leading organizations that have invested in Karkinos Healthcare. The company has also partnered with Tata Memorial Hospital, Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust (UK), and has inked several research collaborations with leading academic institutions in the United States to stay on the cutting edge of oncology treatment and care.

- Ramakant Munde

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