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Nidarshna Gowani to soon help widows, families of people we lost during COVID-19


Entrepreneur and social activist Nidarshna Gowani has been supporting various causes for long, and now she is looking forward to help widows and families of people whom we lost during COVID-19 – Jyothi Venkatesh

“We support underprivileged children, elderly people, acid attack victims and transgenders.

We believe in women empowerment. We are very soon going to help widows and families of people we lost during COVID,” she shared.

She feels that when a celebrity supports a cause, it gets more attention from the public. “They already have a following and a name, be it a cricketer or an actor.

If I do a show and call any normal person then that will not give so much mileage to the organisation, but when a celebrity does it, it makes a difference.

For example, Sonu Sood and Deepika Padukone did in the past. At least that’s what happens in India, internationally it doesn’t work like that,” she said.

Supporting a campaign or cause gives her personal satisfaction too. “Every time you learn something.

It gives you a different satisfaction only, I cannot explain it in words as it gives a different peace to your soul and it’s now a stress-buster for me.

After the event when the people for whom you did it come and hug you and bless you and they cry, at that time you realize what you have done is precious for them and that is a totally different feeling,” she shared.

During the pandemic, Kamala Ankibai Ghamandiram Gowani Trust did a lot for people.

“The basics start from the watchmen, we kept them with us and we provided them with food, clothes, and shelter. We did the same for maids too,” she said.

“We also distributed about 4000 food kits to all the Worli Slums, Madras Waadi, Sidharth Nagar and Dharavi. We distributed food packages that were enough for a week for a family. During the flood in Maharashtra, we sent about 500 food kits to the ones who needed them,” she added.

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