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Nilam Kenia says that the trend this summer is very easy going, natural textured hair and natural/nude makeup

There is no dearth of news on hairdressers and hairstyling. There’s a belief that celebrities are not easy to handle. Hair and makeup artist Nilam Kenia too had a similar opinion before she actually worked with a few of them. And her experience and opinion have changed since then.“Initially, I also thought it would be very difficult to work with celebs. But after working with quite a few of them I realized that if you know your work and are disciplined in your behaviour it’s not a difficult job. They also understand your work and you can easily develop mutual trust,” says Kenia, who has been mentored by celebrity makeup and hair artist Florian Hurel. Jyothi Venkatesh

In association with Hurel and individually as well, Kenia had collaborated withAmyra Dastur, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Zaira Wasim, among others so far. She also works with popular models.Does she encourage celebrity inputs and what does she do about disagreements? “Whether it’s hair or makeup, everything is done with celebrity input. The celebrities often know what look best on them, what makes them feel comfortable and the looks they can carry. Also, there are generally no disagreements as the looks are discussed between hair and makeup stylists and celebs. We all come to a common ground and then work on it,” she explains.

On the new hair and makeup trends this season and how she does the makeup depending on whether it’s a day or night shoot, Kenia adds, “The trend this summer is very easy going, natural textured hair and natural/nude makeup… And, yes makeup totally depends on the lights, whether it’s natural or studio lights. If it’s natural light then it depends on the time of the day, in the afternoon the light is much stronger than in the morning or evening. Warm lights work best. ”

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