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Nishant singh malkhani leaves the ‘bigg boss’ house with his head held high


Jyothi Venkatesh

Even before he entered the “Bigg Boss” house, actor Nishant Singh Malkhani was very clear that he will neither disrespect a woman, nor he will let anyone do that, he will give his best in the tasks, and that he will do anything that he can for someone he loves. Well, he stuck to each and every word that he had said, and after eviction left the reality show with his head held high.

The actor gave his best in all the tasks that were assigned to him, be it wearing the bikini top, or dancing to “Dhak dhak karne laga” to woo the seniors or earning his clothes back, and he even performed all the household chores without any complaint. And though the actor was saved by his fans and followers outside the house, it’s the vote by the housemates that got him evicted in the Monday episode.

Nishant Malkani

The “Guddan – Tumse Na Ho Payega” actor was nominated after his good friend Jaan Kumar Sanu sent him to the Red Zone claiming that he was not supportive enough. Well, the audience has already seen that Nishant did his best just to save Jaan, but unfortunately he faced betrayal by the only person he trusted the most in the house.We wish to see Nishant again in the show, especially after knowing that the audience was on his side.

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