Nivedita Basu on becoming VP of Atrangii TV and OTT: I want to grow to newer heights and not give up

By Bollyy
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Nivedita Basu (1)
It’s been a week of celebrations, introspection and gratitude for producer Nivedita Basu, who recently got promoted as VP content & business alliances at Atrangii TV and OTT. She says that she thanks her blessings and is also full of gratitude to all those who supported her.
“I am thankful to God that he has given me the passion and the perseverance to move forward and never give up. I also want to thank to Vibhu Aggarwal , who promoted me as the VP. He saw my value addition to the company. I think this is what people need everywhere, and not just in our company. People think that sometimes I get lucky but they don’t see the hardwork and sacrifice I did to get where I am. So I am always grateful to God,” she says.
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She adds, “My father always wanted to see me on top. I remember, he told me that even if you are a barber or a chef, be the best in whatever you do. All my hardwork, success and perseverance, I will first give it to my dad because I lost him a few years back. He couldn’t see me having my babies and couldn’t see me in this position. I know he is up there and happy for me. My in-laws are amazing and today anyone would feel blessed to have such in-laws. My husband is a rock star. I want to grow to newer heights and not give up.”
The support she gets at home is immeasurable, she says, adding, “Thanks to my parents, in-laws and husband who have been a great support system. To have a toddler and a five-year-old child, and going out and working 15-18 hours a day is not possible, unless you have a support system which helps you nurture what you want to do and grow in life.”
Talking about her new role, she says, “Now, I have more responsibilities because I share the stage with the owner. I need to kind of take things off his plate so that he can go on to different things that are being planned for the company. So yes, there is more riding on my back as I am talking calls and decisions and that the company’s positioning will depend on these. But it is always exciting because I don’t think you can ever rise in life without taking risks. You do some calculated risks, you learn from your employer. Earlier it was Ekta (Kapoor, producer) and now Vibuh Aggarwal. You understand where they are coming from and what they want to achieve and you help them smoothen out the process.”
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