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Nivedita Basu says that she has never really worn anything which made her feel uncomfortable


As a celebrity, you definitely need to be dressed well whenever you are in public, says Nivedita BasuJyothi Venkatesh

The writer-producer-director does not feel brand or expensive clothes define us, one can steal the show even in a pair of track pants or a kaftan.

“I believe in dressing up for the occasion and wearing something that I am comfortable in. A lot of people tell me that I look good in a saree.

I wear sarees a lot anyway because I just love flaunting six yards. I think when celebs dress the way they want, they feel more confident.

I know a lot of people whose style sense have evolved, earlier they used to wear simple and traditional outfits but now they are ready to experiment,” she adds.

Basu believes that clothes are a reflection of who we are. “But for celebrities, you can’t really say that because sometimes they are endorsing brands or have to wear certain outfits because of their work.

But when they choose something for themselves, that’s when you get to know more about them,” she says adding that she ends up buying new clothes quite often.

But for some personal reason, she is not supposed to buy clothes this time till her birthday.

“In the last one year, I have bought a lot of sportswear as they are comfortable, easy-going and help me during my home workouts or when I go for my regular walk and jog sessions.

I have never really worn anything which made me feel uncomfortable,” she adds. Basu is not someone who follows trends.

If the body-hugging pants are fashionable, she would go ahead and wear flared pants. “For me, fashion is what I feel confident and comfortable about, as that only will help me stand out.

I don’t want to be in the same crowd endorsing the same fashion, doing videos and posts.

Every individual is different. I am not a model or an actor, so I don’t necessarily have to have a bikini body or look sexy all the time,” she explains.

The producer and writer reveal her dad was quite fashionable. “So he would dress us well. That’s one thing that I have learnt from him too.

He was in the army and had a boarding school background, somewhere that part of his life has made his choice very sophisticated.

He was conscious about his clothes, made sure me and my sister wore what looks best on us.

So we developed our own taste eventually, but we were stylish in our own ways even when we were young,” Basu shares.