No Actor Would Dare to Release Their Film On the Same Day As Race 3

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No Actor Would Dare to Release Their Film On the Same Day As Race 3

Race 3 is one of the most anticipated films of 2018 staring big names like Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Bobby Deol and others.Seems like no actor has the courage to release their film on the same date or close to it. Well Karan johar has an action plan already on point and will release his film "Lust Stories" the same day as Race 3.

You all must be wondering why the risk, it would be foolish to doubt him, the man has his way around Industry, given years of experience. Lust Stories – will not see a theatrical release but will be released on a prominent online streaming service instead. However, in a press conference last month, when the Dharma Productions chief was asked if his film will be able to pose competition to Race 3, the was completely bewildered.“You’re serious! Was that a serious question, sir? Of course not! Salman Khan is on a different platform. He is the master of mainstream cinema. Race 3 is going to be a humongous film. It is a totally different film with a totally different syntax. We are not competing or fighting... Humari aukat hi nahi hai to fight with Salman Khan or Race 3,” the producer director said candidly

Karan Johar further praised the online streaming platforms for giving film makers an opportunity to make small and independent films and release them online.

“We are not competing with anyone. We don’t have the right to compete with the magnitude of Salman Khan. I mean, I would probably be going to see Race 3 on June 15 and not Lust Stories,” the Dharma Productions head concluded.

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