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No Fathers In Kashmir Trailer Launched By Mahesh Bhatt


Everyone thinks they know Kashmir. Two teenagers are about to change all, that is what the trailer introduces us to in its gripping visuals. No Fathers in Kashmir is a that is a unique mix of the fight for truth and compassion while being tender, heart-warming and about universal human emotions directed by Oscar(R) nominated filmmakers and two-time national award winning writer & director, Ashvin Kumar. Even till today, the certificate is yet to be granted by CBFC and is still pending ‘approval’ despite the FCAT granting the order to pass the UA certificate to the film which is due for release on 5th April. Present at the launch gracing his presence was one of our sharpest, most outspoken directors, Mr. Mahesh Bhatt who said, “A staggering, heart wrenching film. Ashvin

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