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No Matter How Good A Picture Is, People Still Use Filters, Sighs Rahuol Lohani! 

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Jyothi Venkatesh

In a time when we don’t upload pictures on social media without a hundred filters, actor Rahuol Lohani says that he is a big fan of using pictures the way they have been shot. The actor, who himself is a passionate photographer and videographer, says that black and white pictures are his favourite. “Mobile phones have become so smart and advanced that no matter how good the picture is, people will go and edit it with filters to make their pictures even better. I think we are losing the basic innocence of pictures which used to be back then. It’s a bit disturbing at times. You cannot look pretty all the time. So, it’s important for people to stop using filters and try to keep the picture as natural as they can. This is what I feel. Editing can make your photos look better but because of that you are not actually focusing on photography. I like the kind of photographers who take time to click pictures because they are waiting for that moment when you are not pretending, you are who you are,” he says.He adds, “Photographs are memories. If you see anything nice for example a building,  nature,  person,  you feel like capturing that moment and that’s called photography. I generally prefer black and white pictures, though people don’t like it as they prefer colours in photography. But I prefer black and white as coloured photos talk about the visual but the black and white photography talks about the soul because there is nothing to see except the person.”  Ask him who he would like to click, and Rahuol says, “I won’t like to shoot any politician or an actor, I would like to click nature, animals or birds. The reason is that a model, actor or a politician might get conscious when there is a camera around, they will try to look good but nature won’t lie, it’s going to be the same. So that’s why I prefer clicking nature, animals, birds, etc than a human being.”

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