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“No Nudity For Me Though I Am Game To Project Glamor As A Bold And Contemporary Girl”- Prajakta Shinde


Jyothi Venkatesh

Purasha is the first Marathi film with which the pretty, smart, glamorous,sexy and intelligent Prajakta Shinde is all set to make her debut as an actress very shortly. The producer-director of the sensitive film Deepak Dattaram Kadam recently screened the film, which he likes to call a film made by Deepak Kadam and Team, at a suburban preview theatre, where each and every one congratulated Prajakta for her excellent performance in a complex role which calls for a lot of maturity.

What is your role in Purasha?

I play the lead role of a chulbuli and innocent carefree young girl in her teens called Vijaya. It is a very important role for me as an actor to make my debut with because not only is it challenging but also very unusual to portray on the screen. Though I am innocent in real life, the role required me to project boldness in the role within, though it does not at all require me to expose. Kshitij Zarapkar has written the brilliant screenplay of the film. Purasha has been produced by the banner of Maooli Nirmit and D.K. Factory

Can you elucidate?

It is a kind of role I was very scared to portray initially when I was selected among hundreds of aspirants by the director after I gave an audition, because it required me to not only play a young married woman but also there are a couple of kissing scenes too, especially since I hail from a very conservative Maharashtrian family. I had to work hard to learn Malwani dialect and speak in a different lingo though I am a modern city girl. Luckily my parents went all the way to support me.

How difficult was it for you to pull off your bold role?

It was quite difficult for me to play the role but I could easily pull it off thanks to the guidance of my director Deepak Sir, who made me comfortable while enacting because he felt that I could do justice to the bold role which he had conceived for Vijaya. He had even kept for me a five day workshop to enable me to learn to prepare the nuances of my character. I had actually bagged another role in yet another film of Deepak Sir which did not materialize and I was asked to step in to play the role of Vijaya at the eleventh hour by Deepak Sir

Is it true that you had banned the award for the Best Debut for Purasha even before the film has been released?

Yes. I bagged the award for Best Debut at the 5th Ambernath Marathi Film Festival recently, where the film itself was nominated for the award for the Best Rural film.

You have been part of two music videos before you bagged the opportunity to make your debut as an actress with Purasha.

Yes. I acted in the music videos Pyar Hota Jaa Raha Hai and Haathon Mein Haath

How bold are you in real life to take up offers to play bold roles in films and web series, which may require nudity?

No nudity for me as an actress but I am quite comfortable in any kind of role which would require me to exploit my latent talent as an actress. I am ready to experiment as an actress and act in films which have out of the box content.

When is Purasha being slated for release all over Maharashtra?

Purasha is a film with a backdrop has been set in 1980 when the society and religion did not allow us to openly acknowledge the intricacies of human relationship. The film has been designed keeping in mind the film festivals all over India and abroad. It was made in a span of just 15 days.

Who are your favorite actors in Bollywood?

Among my favorite actors in Bollywood are Ranbir Kapoor, Akshay Kumar and Ayushmann Khurrana I would love to work with Ayushmann in the near future when I make my foray in Hindi films too in a big way.

Who are your favorite actresses in Bollywood as well as Marathi Cinema?

Right now I love Alia Bhatt for her acting prowess though I have always been an ardent admirer of the late Smita Patil for her portrayal in various films in Hindi as well as Marathi. No other actress has been able to equal Smitaji as far acting excellence is concerned. I loved her performances in Marathi films like Jait Re Jait, Umbarta and Hindi films like Arth and Namak Halaal

Who are the filmmakers who are in your wish list as an actress as of now?

Among the filmmakers who are in my wish list are Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra and Anurag Kashyap.

Were you not scared of the syndrome of the casting couch in the film industry?

Frankly I do not think that today a young and beautiful girl has to worry about tackling the wolves when she sets her foot out because times have changed and every woman knows how to handle herself. In any case, as far as I am concerned, till date no one has had the guts to dare to approach me with an indecent proposal

Have you thought of your Mr Right?

My parents continue to get marriage proposals but I have told them that I want to take it easy. Luckily for me, I have a very understanding set of parents who do not compel me to get married to the first available eligible boy. I am still single and have a lot of friends, both boys as well as girls. In any case, I am of the opinion that a boy friend will only end up irritating me. I am not at all interested in having any boy friend at this stage of my career when I want to focus only on my career as an actress.

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