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No one can host ‘Bigg Boss’ like Salman Khan: Rohit Choudhary


Jyothi venkatesh

Actor, producer, fitness enthusiast, and real estate entrepreneur Rohit Choudhary is an ardent follower of “Bigg Boss”. He calls himself the biggest fan of the reality show and has watched every episode starting from season one. But he is quite confident that no one can be a better host of the controversial show than Salman Khan.

He said, “Salman Khan is the best host of ‘Bigg Boss’. No one can replace him. I don’t think anyone other than him can handle the show. People wait for the weekend special episodes only to see Salman. He handles the contestants so well, and there have been other hosts too, like Sanjay Dutt, and Farah Khan, but the show did not have the same feel then. So, I think no one can host ‘Bigg Boss’ like him.”

He confessed that though he loved this year’s tagline “Ab Scene Paltega”, the makers made the audience wait for this for far too long.

No one can host 'Bigg Boss' like Salman Khan_ Rohit Choudhary

“I am watching this season of ‘Bigg Boss’ too, and I loved the tagline ‘Ab scene paltega’, I was eagerly waiting for that, and hopefully the audience will get to see more flips in the show like the “Tabadala” that happened recently. The season was very dull initially, but now it has picked up the pace and hopefully we will see more drama,” he said.

Having followed “Bigg Boss” religiously, he felt that every season the audience wanted to see new faces, and he did not like the presence of “Toofani Seniors” – Gauahar Khan, Hina Khan, and Sidharth Shukla, in the show.

“As a viewer, we all want to see new faces in the show. Seeing Sidharth Shukla made me feel as though we are watching a continuation of season 13. We want to see new talent, new entertainment, new drama, and new experiments. I think Gauahar, Hina and Sidharth, had entertained us enough in their respective seasons, so I did not like seeing the same faces again,” he expressed.

For the fourteenth season of “Bigg Boss”, the makers have got contestants only from the entertainment industry, unlike the previous season. Talking about it, Rohit said, “All the contestants this time are from showbiz, so the way they present themselves and their mentality is almost the same. But in a show like ‘Bigg Boss’, we want to see a mix of talents from all over India, like the previous seasons. Bringing different people from different fields also brings more drama, and this season seems more of saas-bahu drama than a reality show. It would have added the much-needed spice to the show.”

He also asserted that the contestants took a lot of time to open up, and said, “I feel maybe initially they were under some pressure because of the presence of the seniors. When they initially came, they were all informed that they have two weeks to prove themselves, but still, nobody cared. While in the last season, they were given one month, but even on the first day, they made it look like that they were already in the second or third month.”

“This season started on a very dull note, but hopefully now we will see some entertainment because even now I feel many of the contestants have not shown their true face,” Rohit signed off.

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