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No Wedding, No Love, Only Work, Says Tinaa Dattaa 


Jyothi Venkatesh

Tinaa Dattaa is single and so not ready to mingle as of now. The actor says she wants to concentrate on her work at the moment and has no time for love. “No wedding, no love, only work,” she laughs, adding, “Everyone wants to settle in life but these things can’t be planned. Love and marriage happen when they have to and the way love is depicted in films is very filmy. Such things don’t happen in real life. Love is a very misunderstood emotion. Aisa Nahi Ki Tera Jahan Mei Pyaar Nahi  Hota, Jaha Umeed Hain Iski Wahi Nahi Milta.”  Ask her what is her idea of a perfect soul mate, and she says, “He should be loving and caring. He should understand my emotions and of course he should be financially stable.” Tinaa Dattaa has no regrets and believes in enjoying life. “Live life one day at a time. Life is an ice cream, eat it before it melts. It’s nice to be important but it is more important to be nice. Value the people in life as human relations are very important and your family will support you ever and no one can take their place,” she says. On being asked about past relationship experiences she says, “Prince charming doesn’t exist. People don’t turn out to be what they project. Everyone has their own baggage. Our profession is also such that you need time to focus on relationships. See work and career have their own place and personal life has its own place and is important. You surely want to go to home to someone and not an empty home. My parents live in Kolkata. I surely want to settle down but such things are not in our control. I enjoy travelling. I recently went to Armania and the adulation I experienced there I had never experienced. Fans made me feel how much they love me. The show must go on is all what I believe in and living life one day at a time. I have been down with Swine Flu”.

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