Nobita's voice Simaran Kaur opens up about her regional debut, Pratha

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Simaran Kaur

Actress Simaran Kaur will soon be making her regional debut with the film Pratha produced by Sanlisa Signature films. Talking about the film directed by K. Murali Krishna, she says, it is all set to release in June this year.

“It was a pleasure working on this film. It will be dubbed in Hindi, Punjabi, Odia. We shot at multiple locations such as Delhi, Rajasthan, Orissa. I am sure people will love it. I can speak Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Odia, and so language was not an issue for me,” she says.

Simaran Kaur

Speaking different languages always helps, she says, adding, “I guess, it does, I learned so much as a voice artist, how to modulate my voice, and pronouncing words in different dialect, it  really helps in speaking the regional languages in the original tone and I guess I pick the nuances in the local language and I pick them quickly.”

Talking about working in Bollywood, she says, “Bollywood is always on my mind and it is in my heart forever,  I am waiting for the right opportunity with my fingers crossed. Until then, I love to study how actors work in Bollywood and learn. My favourite Bollywood actor is Ranbir Kapoor. He is my favorite because of his intensity, you can see how he is truly living the character. His body language, his dialogue delivery, everything makes the character come alive on screen.”

Simaran Kaur

On being asked why she hasn't taken up TV after the show Agar Tum Na Hote he says, "I did a travel show and I anchored for sports and did music videos too. If the offer on TV is substantial I will surely consider. I am on an exploring spree as of now. I am open for Punjabi cinema". On being asked for her being remembered for being Nobita's voice she says, "I am a voice-over artist as well. Being the voice of Nobita is a proud thing. When children come to know I am the voice of Nobita they really get excited. I just feel I am blessed with talent"
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