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Arshad Warsi agrees with Salman Khan's statement 'You Cannot be the original'


Recently, during the promotions of Race 3Salman Khan was asked about his reaction to Ranbir Kapoor’s Sanju trailer as Salman is a close friend of Sanjay Dutt. Salman said; “Whenever Sanju wants to make a comeback, he will. It is all left to Sanjay Dutt, the day he thinks ‘I want to come back, he will be back.’”

“Even for the movie Sanju, I thought why did somebody else play his part. No one can do justice to that. The last bit of the film, Sanju only should have played it himself. The last portion of the last eight to ten years, Sanju only should have done it.”

Although he did not make any comment on Ranbir Kapoor, still his comments made it clear that nobody can play Sanjay Dutt.

Recently at an event, Arshad Warsi, who was Circuit to Sanjay Dutt’s Munna Bhai was asked about his opinion on Sanju trailer, he said; “Ranbir is phenomenal. I mean mujhe hamesha lagta hai ki woh bahut achcha actor hai, lekin kisi aur ki tarah banna, kisi aur ke bol chaal, uska lehja pakadna woh ek alag hi mushkilaat hai usmein and he’s very good. (Ranbir is phenomenal. I mean I always think he is a great actor but to be like someone else, to talk like that person that’s very difficult and he’s very good.)”

When Arshad was asked about his reaction on Salman Khan’s statement, “No one can do justice to Sanjay Dutt”. He agreed with Salman Khan and said; “Nahin obviously because Sanju Sanju hai. Aap chahein kuch bhi kar lein aap Sanju nahin ho sakte. You can’t be the original. So that is obviously the fact. There is nobody I mean the way Sanju walks, talks. Jo bhi actor karega woh sirf usko imitate kar sakta hai, woh Sanju ban toh nahin sakta na. So it’s always there. (No obviously because Sanju is Sanju. You can do anything but you can’t become Sanju. You can’t be the original. So that is obviously the fact. There is nobody I mean the way Sanju walks, talks. Whoever will try to do it, they can imitate him, they can’t be Sanju.  So it’s always there.)”

Sanju is slated to release on June 29.

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