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Noises On Set Leave Laal Ishq Actors Spooked 


Jyothi Venkatesh

It is not every day that a regular shoot turns out to be that one day you will remember forever! Such was the experience of television actor Khushwant Walia who will be seen in the upcoming episode of &TV’s Laal Ishq. The actor who enjoys essaying roles of the supernatural or horror genre had a recent unusual experience on the sets in Mumbai which left the actor spooked for life. Shooting an intense scene at a secluded area, the team happened to over hear a few strange noises resembling a hissing sound. At first, the entire crew paid no attention to the noises but the sheer frequency and volume of the noises could not be eventually ignored. After huddling together for a couple of hours, the crew decided to finally decipher the source of the noise revealing that it was a small snake hidden above the wooden roof. While each and every one present on the set breathe a sigh of relief, the production smartly took the call to change venue in fear that it might invite other dangerous creatures.

Talking about this experience Khushwant Walia said, “I don’t usually get creeped or spooked out easily but when you are constantly shooting for hours together in a horror zone, it is natural to get goose bumps at the slightest drop of a pin. I remember I had to shoot an extremely intense and quiet scene and each time I heard the noise, I could feel the hair on my neck stand. I actually forgot a dialogue when I heard the noise loud and clear. We tried to joke about it and at first felt somebody was pranking us but when the fear became mutual, we eventually decided to face it. Although I am afraid of snakes as well, I was quite relieved that it was nothing beyond a small creature. This has surely been one of the most memorable experiences I have had on a show’s set.”

The story revolves around a ghost who disguises himself as a chef, targets families and kills them to fill his masala box. He is a very famous chef in the city who is known for cooking up delicious dishes. The ghost enters Jadunath Sinha’s (Dadaji) family and finds people with different temperaments around him. He starts killing everyone in the house and fills his masala box. There is an orphan girl Pooja in the family who finds out the truth and makes a plan with her boyfriend Praveen to kill the monster.  But Praveen by mistakenly eats the ghost’s masala and morphs into a monster. He makes Pooja also eat and after consuming that masala. Will the masala turn Pooja also in to a ghost? Will Pooja be saved from the ghost’s trap?

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