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Jyothi Venkatesh

What better than interesting cartoons designed exclusively for the kids as they are their perennial favorites from times immemorial? The kids of all ages will be thrilled to note that their favorite stories of Lotpot will now be easily available even digitally on Zee5.

Agt a time when it is summer vacation and also the dreaded corona virus does not let the kids enjoy walking around in the parks and other public places, it is a Herculean task for the kids to remain at home itself and no wonder the kids get bored slowly and steadily. It is a very good idea to make the kids remain at home engrossed by the cartoons especially with those which teach them a lot too, besides entertaining them to the core too.

An interesting cartoon series like these is now being beamed on Zee5. Teh series will not only entertain the kids but also educate them in a light manner too. The kids tales of Lotpot as well as the moral fables will set out to take the kids on a whirlwind tour of jungles, animal and nature with kids favorite cartoon characters like Sher Khan, the King of the Jungle, Haathi Dada, Tortoise Cheeku, Fox Meenu, Cow Bhuro, Monkey Latkoo and Crocodile Chachu.

The speciality of the digital platforms is that the content on display there can be watched at any time and at any place. These days thanks to CoronaVirus, people spend all the time at home and avoid going out of their homes unless and until it is absolutely necessary, especially the kids as well as the old people who are not allowed to stir out of their homes. If the corona virus was not there, we could have gone on a long vacation with the kids to any hill station. What can we possibly do under such circumstances but to concentrate on entertainment at home itself?

For kids short stories on Lotpot are all set to be beamed on Zee5. Yes. These days, the kids are too high technically too during the era of technology and are aware of not only the smart TV but also the smart phione. It is hence no wonder that keeping the kids in mind these days, important and useful content is being uploaded on the various OTT platforms on a regular basis, so that here is something in them for the sake of entertaining the kids too. As part of these efforts, watch out for educational as well as informative shows of the jungle on Zee 5 too.