‘O Holi Aai, Holi Aai, Dekho Holi Aai Re…!’

aaj na chodengay hum-min

Come on Holi! The hours of waiting are over! There is no need to tell how colorful faces are expressed at this festival even if they do not want to! The relationship between Bollywood and Holi festival is very old. Be it the song of life or Kanha’s Holi, Lathmar Gabru’s Holi, or Jogi ji Sarrar’s amazing feeling! Everything boils down to this one day which is named “Holi”.

Jogi ji dheere dheere

That is, on this day everyone becomes everyone. Bollywood has cherished this Holi journey with so much love, let’s find out in these few film songs to see Holi at Amitabh Bachchan’s house, Holi at Shah Rukh Khan’s house, Holi at Subhash Ghai’s house or Holi at Ekta Kapoor’s house, even today the roads leading there get jammed on every Holi. Then there, instead of shining stars in colorful faces, human beings are seen.

ang se ang lagana

So let’s think on this Holi that how much we are able to preserve this heritage that came from our eternal culture! We are forgetting the importance of these festivals in the concept of a united India. We are forgetting that the joint coordination of Holi, Deepawali, Eid, and Christmas is found only in this sub-continent – ​​not anywhere else. Drenched in the color of love, this “HO… Lee!” That’s why we wait – “Holi Aai, Holi Aai, Dekho Holi Aai Re…! Lo Aagayi Holi”.

holi aye re