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Jyothi Venkatesh

While many of us had a great last day of college, the case isn’t the same with the Batch of 2020. Their graduations were stolen from them thanks to COVID-19 leaving many confused and disillusioned by what their future could possibly hold for them now.Echoing student’s sentiments that something fundamental must change, Anto Philip, Co-founder of Under 25, decided to take matters in his own hands to ensure that the Batch of 2020 stands united, no matter what the odds.In a first by an Indian the world over, Philip has brought together Armaan Malik, Akash Iyer, Anand Gandhi, Anupama Chopra, Bryden-Parth, Debosmita Majumder, Deepika Padukone, Dhruv Chitgopekar, Faye D’Souza, Hrithik Roshan, Jordindian, Raghava KK, Reba John, Rega Jha, Roshan Abbas and Tanmay Bhat, to create the country’s first graduation documentary titled ‘Batch of 2020’.

A thoughtfully curated content piece with conversations, speeches, and information from the most inspiring people from around the country, this documentary addresses the most vital questions that plague the youth, about jobs, about education and much more. Trailer link This is a dedication to the batch of 2020 and also to everyone in general who through the years, have succumbed to the pressure and anxiety of being defined by just certificates and degrees.Join us for the world premiere of Batch of 2020 on 5th July  at 4.30 pm on and Anto Philip’s YouTube Channeland applaud their efforts.

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