OMG Yeh Mera India Season 10: Show host Krishna Abhishek spills some special things related to the show...

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OMG Yeh Mera India Season 10: Show host Krishna Abhishek spills some special things related to the show...

This is season 10 of OMG Yeh Mera India. We have been doing it for the last eight years. We started this show in 2016. Season 10 of the show will launch in 2024. People have given a lot of love to date, the Show has been liked a lot. I feel very good when I go to some college functions or recently I went to my children's school as the chief guest at the annual function. When they introduced me there, the anchor introduced me by the name of this show. This show has run for so long and hopefully, it will continue like this in the future because there can never be a shortage of talent in India. We are very happy and proud of ourselves.


For this season we are shooting in Bombay. We always keep a mix, like last season we shot in Kashmir and Rajasthan. We travel and explore the whole of India, tell you about it, and introduce you to the people there.

Right now we are shooting here in Kotachiwadi, which is in Kala Ghoda Town. I grew up in Mumbai but I had never visited Kotachiwadi. So even the people from outside may not know much about this place. Apart from the basic history that we knew, we went inside and found out more. I learn something new from every season of this show. My knowledge has increased. This show is spreading knowledge among children. Nowadays you cannot leave children alone in front of the TV, there are very few shows with which you can leave them alone. If a child is watching OMG, he will be entertained, his knowledge will also increase and he will also be proud that he was born in a country where there is so much talent.


We have seen that you find and bring a lot of talent from every corner of India, this time apart from Kotachiwadi, where did you go and which talents did you like?

I am always asked this question, what do you like the most? I get so confused because we have covered so many stories and along with them, many inspiring stories too. Last year, when we held a press conference, a sportsman who was in a wheelchair also participated in the Olympics, and his story was very inspirational and emotional. I was very inspired after meeting him and knowing about him. This time too you will get an amazing story. This time we are exploring Mumbai a lot. We shot in the BMC office. We all have heard about BMC but no one has seen its office. This is the first time we have shot inside the BMC office. BMC had never given permission for the shooting of any film, because they did not want to commercialize it. I really enjoyed exploring the heritage property of BMC. Like its dome is gold plated. Where do we know all these things, where have we seen them? Those who are in Mumbai and those who have been living for so many years, may also not know about some of these things. This time we are shooting in Mumbai and Indore. Mumbai and Indore are our anchor links of Season 10, but it is not that we will not go anywhere else, we are traveling all over India, going to its villages and towns.


This time a very interesting story that I found was that of India's Hockey Village. When I went there, my flight landed in Jharsuguda, and I heard this name for the first time. From there again we went to the Hockey Village of India. There I met the first Indian captain of the hockey team to be awarded the Padmashree and Arjuna Award. We shot with him. The lady captain of the hockey team was also with us. He told us about his experience, and also how hockey started in India. In what way did they train the children? They used to play hockey by breaking wood from trees and making paper balls. It was very interesting for me to know all this. I am the creator of this show. When I see such a story, I get very excited because I am its first audience, so I myself am surprised to know such unique things.

If I keep telling like this, I will tell everything. I charge a lot for speaking.

You believe that every corner of India is full of talent, is there any city where you still wish to go?

There is a desire. Now when people come to Bombay, they visit the Gateway of India, eat at the Taj, see Shahrukh Khan's bungalow in Bandra, see Salman Khan's flat outside Galaxy, then see Ambani's house, see the sea, Juhu beach. Come here and end your journey by visiting Khandala and Lonavala. Apart from this, people do not know anything about Bombay, so if you want to know more then watch OMG.


This show is doing so well and you have been the creator of it since the beginning, so would you like to say something about it?

I never thought this show would become so big. When this show started and History TV called me to host, I was a little shocked. I have done comedy shows and hosted many TV shows but had never done anything like this before. I was excited and very happy because I was going to do something which is different from my work. Any actor would be happy to be a part of such a show. Things like this take you to a different level. Today when I go to any college or school, many children come and talk about this show. Recently we shot in Army Cantt, Jabalpur. The daredevils who performed in the 26 January parade also performed those stunts for us. I also met the army people, and their children had painted my pictures and had also written OMG on them. There are many children who are fans of this show, and there should be because this show gives you knowledge. If you sit and watch an entire episode of this show, you will feel as if you have read five to six pages of a book. You will get to learn something new in every episode.

Also, see OMG, and now The Kapil Sharma Show is also coming on Netflix and we are going to shoot it soon. I am also doing the film 'Welcome 3' with Akshay sir. Also, keep watching Big-Buzz on Jio cinema. And also watch Bigg Boss, we have been doing that for many years.