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On Anti-Tobacco Day Tv Actors Not Take On Smoking Scenes Being Included In Their Shows

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31st May is considered as the Anti-Tobacco day. On-screen smoking is part of a story, please don’t copy, urge TV actors and tell JYOTHI VENKATESH their take on smoking scenes being included in their shows.

Angad Hasija 

I have never smoked in my life and I am totally against smoking. I had many friends who used to smoke and I made them stop smoking and now they don’t do it. It depends on us, everything is possible if you want to do it. I have seen that people who smoke want to leave. So, I just want to tell everyone that if you try to leave smoking you can, it’s really harmful so we should just stay away from it

Samir Soni 

 I don’t really have any apprehensions of smoking on screen if that’s really part of the character. I personally would be uncomfortable because I am not a smoker, it will be a challenge for me. I don’t think that I really have a problem with that. It will be stupid if people start smoking looking at someone on screen because now everybody knows that it’s not good for us and it’s very often people out of peer pressure get into it. So, I personally don’t feel that the screen influences people to take up smoking as much. Maybe 15-30 years back, it was pretty cool in the black and white era when you saw Ashok Kumar holding a cigarette in his hand but now nobody really thinks it’s cool.

Tinaa Dattaa 

 It is okay to show smoking onscreen if the scene requires it. The audiences also know that an actor is only smoking onscreen. If a celebrity smokes, in reality, he or she shouldn’t smoke openly as fans do register those memories and even spread it further or may imitate. I don’t smoke so surely can recommend and encourage people not to smoke.

Arif Zakaria 

I really have no apprehensions in smoking on screen, if the role demands such an exercise. Smoking otherwise is a harmful activity and those who wish to pursue it, please go ahead but read the statutory warning on the box carefully.

Delnaaz Irani 

I feel as an actor there are a lot of roles that may require an actor to drink or smoke or be negative, that doesn’t mean that you are endorsing a certain product. But yes, as far as advertising a certain product is concerned, I am definitely against that because people look up to an artist. People emulate a lot of artists and that would affect the young crowd. As an actor, you may have to kind of be in the character but that’s not the person you are. You are playing a certain character. So when you are playing a certain character, there could be portions where you need to do something negative or derogatory or not up to the mark. But that’s the character in the story, so that’s okay according to me.

Shiny Doshi 

I don’t support smoking. On screen, smoking is still shown in the entertainment industry. I feel it’s fine when it’s a requirement of a particular scene and it’s always mentioned below that smoking kills and is harmful. I would just request my fans to not look up to smoking as it’s just for the character that we depict. We don’t do that in our personal lives. Life is precious and one should stay happy and fit.

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