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On Kishore Kumar’s 92nd birth anniv, Amit Kumar announces their family-production ‘bio-pic’ on his legendary father


Even as multiple birthday-cakes were being cut, with the birthday song sung in chorus by Amit Kumar, Leena Ganguly, Sumit Kumar along with all the Ganguly family members, to celebrate the 92nd birthday (04th Aug) of versatile iconic legend Kishore Kumar there was a special announcement – Chaitanya Padukone

It was talented singer-performer Amit Kumar who declared the surprise ‘good news’ to millions of die-hard fans.

Brimming with ecstasy, Amit-da revealed, “ The authentic bio-pic plans on ‘Baba’ (Kishore-da) is now being revived and we ( I, Leena-ji and Sumit) have started writing-developed the script !

” Speaking to me directly on phone, Amit-da ( whom I personally know for past 36 years) shared, “Right now the bio-pic is just at the starter-stage , and there is so much more to be developed. It may take a long time being a lengthy process.

But everything would be done, taking its own time, but with our family love, dedication and passion. Unfortunately, some of our own senior-most family members who were very close to Kishore-da, including my own Mother (Ruma Guhathakurta) have passed away We could also speak to senior members from the Mukherjee family like Rono-da to share their fond nostalgia about ‘Baba’.

With the blessings of ‘Baba’, we also propose to ‘revive’ few more surprises in due course. .

As far as the ‘one-time’, Kishore-da bio-pic, is concerned, you can say, we have just cut-the-ribbon,” enthused Amit Kumar to me on phone.

Meanwhile an exuberant Leena Ganguly ( nee Chandavarkar) reacted with ‘Evergreen Kishore-da is 92 years ‘young’ !’

On the occasion of his iconic multi-faceted genius father’s birthday , a suave-looking Amit also dropped ( released) a special sentimental vocal tribute video ‘Humein Aur Jeene Ki’—unplugged with classy visuals, featuring a mellifluous recreation of the Filmfare Award-winning breezy title-song of the landmark movie ‘Agar Tum Na Hote’ with lilting piano notes .

As is known to all, the original title-track is sung soulfully by vocal maestro Kishore-da , composed by the brilliant R D Burman. “

Happy B’day Baba—-Wishing You happiness for wherever you are in the galaxy. You are in spirit with us and in the hearts of all the millions of fans,”, was what Amit Kumar emotionally expressed towards the end of the vibrant, trending video.

(The writer Chaitanya Padukone is an eminent award-winning senior film journalist-author).