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“On The Ramp, Never Ending Show” Team Witnessed Promoting Their Film In National Capital


Today, the cast and crew of the 2019 upcoming Hindi Feature film “On The Ramp, Never Ending Show” came to Delhi to promote the film.  The Movie will be released on 24th May 2019. Director Imran Khalid, Producers Rajeev Bhatia, Nitin Arora, and S.R. Agarwal along with Presenter Manoj Sharma of Gabriel Motion Pictures witnessed the Press Conference held at Delite Diamond.

The film is based on the life of a Fashion Designer who gives up a lucrative career abroad to return to India to showcase Indian Ethnic Creations on the Global Stage. Starring Ranvir Shorey the film is presented by Manoj Sharma of Gabriel Motion Pictures.

Present at the event, Director Imran Khalid expressed, “Through this film, we have tried to convey that everybody should have a say and they should be able to perceive what is best is for them. People have so many ideas but it is difficult to turn it into reality, this film gives the vision to be able to realize your passion. “

Ranvir Shorey
Ranvir Shorey

Producer S. R. Agarwal stated, “The film puts forth important learning that every individual has their own talent which they need to realize and understand. This important message will help to create awareness among individuals. “

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