On World Day of Social Justice, &TV's Ek Mahanayak- Dr B.R. Ambedkar artists remember Babasaheb's contribution to social justice in India

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On World Day of Social Justice, &TV's Ek Mahanayak- Dr B.R. Ambedkar artists remember Babasaheb's contribution to social justice in India

The World Day of Social Justice is observed every year on the 20th of February to eliminate various social issues related to human rights, gender inequality, social protection, discrimination, illiteracy, unemployment, etc., and support social integration - Jyothi Venkatesh


Dr B.R. Ambedkar was one such inspiring leader who had challenged the social order and brought about social justice by advocating various policies related to education, casteism, inequality, human and women's rights.

Remembering and highlighting his works, artists Atharva (Bhimrao), Narayani Mahesh Varne (Ramabai) and Jagannath Nivangune (Ramji Sakpal) from & TV's Ek Mahanayak - Dr B.R. Ambedkar talk about Babasaheb's immense contribution to social justice in India.


Atharva, essaying young Bhimrao's role in the show, shares, "Dr B.R. Ambedkar was one of the greatest propagators of education for all.

He strongly believed education to be the only means to enable everyone to overcome all obstacles in life, be it social, cultural, or economical. He faced several difficulties early in life.

He was not only able to bring about a social change for himself but also for society at large. Through his determination and grit, he focused on education as a means to achieve social and economic equality.

His life journey is an inspiration to many. On World Day of Social Justice, let us remember and honour his work on social justice."


Narayani Mahesh Varne, essaying Ramabai's character, adds, "Quoting one of Babasaheb's statement here, in which he said, 'I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.'.

Dr Ambedkar was a great proponent of women's rights in India and framed numerous policies to protect and safeguard the interests of women. He was one of the first leaders to root for women empowerment.

He always envisioned higher participation by women in all walks of life and paved the way for Indian women to legally vote, divorce, and own property.

Through the Hindu Marriage Act, Hindu Succession, Guardianship Act, and the Hindu Code Bill, he gave a voice to the women community in fighting for their rights and encouraged them to stand shoulder to shoulder with the men.

And what better day to remember Dr Ambedkar and his work on Women Equality than on World Day of Social Justice."


Jagannath Nivangune, essaying Ramji Sakpal's character, comments, "Dr Ambedkar was a visionary leader and a pioneer of Social Justice. Apart from being an extraordinary jurist and economist, he was also an educationalist and outstanding social reformer.

He devoted his entire life to the upliftment of the underprivileged and stood strongly for equal human rights. Dr B.R. Ambedkar was a leader par excellence whose legacy is unparalleled.

He believed that the only way India could foster national unity and stability was through instating a unified code of the One Nation One Constitution.

On World Day of Social Justice, what better way to celebrate the day than taking a moment to remember Babasaheb's various accomplishments as a leader and a social reformer.

These hold relevance even today, and there is a lot one can learn and absorb from his life journey and his tall body of work."

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