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One Gets To Deliver One’s Best While Shooting With Anita Raj, Says Amal Sehrawat 


Jyothi Venkatesh

Amal Sehrawat, who plays the role of Jagga in Choti Sardarni, shares a great equation with her co-actor Anita Raj. The actor says that he looks up to the veteran not only for professional advice but for guidance on personal issues too. “My equation with Anita ma’am is extremely friendly and cordial. Not only is she a brilliant artist but she is also an intelligent human being with a very high emotional quotient. I don’t only discuss scenes with her but also take her advice on my personal matters as I completely trust that her and that whatever she says would be fair, wise and rational,” he says.Amal adds that Anita has never made anyone feel that she is a big actress. She has done fantastic films from Prem Geet to Zara Si Jindagi. “She doesn’t give us the liberty to feel that she has done so many films. She’s extremely friendly, caring and protective about her onscreen family,” he says.The actor adds that both he and Anita have the same approach towards scenes. “Anita ma’am and I both are spiritual people. We share the same perception of things. It’s extremely important to discuss scenes in order to understand the graph, beats, mood and intention and all the actors present in a scene should be on the same page in order to deliver a good scene. Both of us feel this way,” he says. He further adds, ” Anita Raj is a pleasure to work with as an actor. One gets to deliver one’s best while shooting with her”

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