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Original Gully Buoy ‘Naezy’ Launches New Song On His Birthday Rukhta Nah 


Jyothi Venkatesh

Original Gully Buoy Naezy, the artist who inspired the Bollywood Hit “Gully Boy” and India’s Premier hip hop artist  is back with a new single to be launched on his birthday 10th August titled Rukhta Nah. This song is a tie up with OnePlus Playback.The talented Naezy is know for having introduced multi-syllabic rhyming and for using local slang in his lyrics, telling stories about everyday life in the area he grew up in and also the ups and downs faced by the youth in such an environment.The new song is also on the same lines. This is the third  since his return with Aafat Wapas under Big Bang. His audiences and fans will be happy to know that Naezy will be coming out with more of his compositions at regular intervals .

Speaking on this new single Naezy said, “My life is all about obstacles and this song basically is about me being unstoppable despite any obstacles….I want to do everything that I have ever desired and nothing will stop me. Besides that the song also gives my fans and audiences  a glimpse into my life and what I am upto at this point in time”.Naezy further added on the video, “The video was shot guerilla style in London. All my videos earlier have also been DIY right from the first Aafat which I recorded on my ipad;  and so is this one again. I have directed the video myself and it was fun shooting this in a city I love”.

Naezy on this birthday plans, “It will be a working birthday for me this year which is what I like it to be. I will be a guest judge on MTV Hustle and later that evening I will be performing in Chandigarh. Hope all my birthday’s are like this busy  doing what I love ”.

Credit list for the song Rukhta Nah :  Singer, Lyrics & Composer Naezy; Director Naezy and Alam Film; Producer Karan Kanchan; Cinematographer Howard; Post Production The Outhouse Project; Colorist Dinesh Kumar Swarnkar; Label : Big Bang Music

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