Book Adrishyam - The Invisible Heroes on Sony Liv, April 11th

The web series 'Adrishyam - The Invisible Heroes', which will be streamed on Sony Live from April 11, is produced by Sachin Pandey and Aditya Pandey. The series is directed by Anshuman Kishore Singh.

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Book 'Adrishyam - The Invisible Heroes' on Sony Liv, April 11th
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The web series 'Adrishyam - The Invisible Heroes', which will be streamed on Sony Live from April 11, is produced by Sachin Pandey and Aditya Pandey. The series is directed by Anshuman Kishore Singh. This series is the story of the life of those undercover intelligence officers who can never be given credit for their work. Who cannot even tell their family about their work? This is the story of those invisible heroes who live among us and protect us. Divyanka Tripathi, Eijaz Khan, Swarupa Ghosh, Tarun Anand, Chirag Mehra, Roshni Rai, Parag Chaddha, Zara Khan, and Shriya Jha are going to be seen in the series.

Unveiling 'Adrishyam - The Invisible Heroes' on Sony Live!

What was the concept behind this series?

Sachin- The concept of this series is very simple. These are our heroes who will do great work for the country but they can never be given awards in front, they can never appear in the media. We are lucky that we got the opportunity to make such a show through which we can show the world how many great heroes live among us, whom we do not recognize but they are one of us. The people of India should see that there are people among us who work to keep this country safe, for which they will never get any award from anyone and they all know this.

Eijaz - In today's era where we post everything else on social media, these people neither get any awards nor any recognition. Not only in our country but in other countries too, some people make many sacrifices for their country. Their work is such that neither they can take credit for their work nor anyone can give them credit. The shocking thing is that even when they are martyred, they do not get any recognition, their family only gets a medal.

You are giving excellent performances in different characters. Your performance in the film ‘Jawaan’ was also liked by the audience. In this series, you are playing the role of an undercover cop. In what style will you appear in this series?

Eijaz - I would say that out of all the characters I have played till now, this is the strongest character because if we are aggressive then we show our anger, if we have power then we show our power but Ravi Verma. There is a character who despite all these things never forgets his humanity and goodness. He looks for all these things in others and he wants that no person should be harmed in any way.

Divyanka, would you like to share something about what you had to go through for this character?

Divyanka- Everyone has worked equally hard for this show as I have worked. I am watching the first such show where every actor is intensely invested in the show. Our director is also working very hard and trying to bring the story of the show close to the facts to such an extent that when the audience sees it, they will feel that it is real. If I talk about myself, then yes, I went through a surgery phase and after that, I planned how to move forward from here. I had to work so hard that I could justify the character of Parvati in this show from the stage of not being able to even walk. Sachin had put a huge responsibility on me with this character. I wanted to be able to justify this character and I bounced back. I am happy with this journey that I have taken.

Eijaz, how much hard work have you put in for this show?

Eijaz - You have worked very hard. For three months they did not let me do anything else. So as soon as I came, I did my best to act. There are many people in this show who should get credit. We come in front of the screen so we get credit but there are many heroes of this show who do not come on screen, one of them is Sachin Ji. Sachin Ji has also given the background music for this series. The entire unit that mentors us about this whole thing has a lot of knowledge about all these things. If I talk about preparation, after Jawan my physique had become a bit tight but our director said that for this series my body should be such that it looks like a part of the crowd and not stand out from the crowd. We have also shown his family life as normal which brings its humour. Now only the audience can judge what kind of work we have done.

Divyanka- I would like to say something on this matter. Usually, when we watch such shows or films, we only see fieldwork in them, but as Eijaz ji said, this home life is a very important aspect of our show. We can see in this that his family is also common. Sachin Ji and Chanakya Ji have shown the personal and professional lives of these agents very beautifully. I hope that when you watch this show, you will like it very much because we will look exactly like you.

Adrishyam – The Invisible Heroes | Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya, Eijaz Khan

Eijaz - Divyanka and I are not opposite each other in this show. We both have different families but you will get to see a very beautiful relationship between Ravi Verma and Parvati Sehgal in the show. In his life, he cannot tell anyone about his work, neither to his family nor to the people around him. These are the only two who can tell each other their problems and they are very good friends.

Divyanka, when you were recovering from your surgery and preparing for this series, how much support did you get from your husband Vivek?

Divyanka- If there was an award for Sweetest Husband Ever, I would give it to him. He was very patient around me. It was a very painful process for me too because I had to recover and reach somewhere. Earlier he always used to tell me to work out but this time he was refusing me because he was worried about me. He said that first get well and then do whatever you want to do. He has helped me a lot in this entire journey. Perhaps he also has some contributions and blessings in our project.


What would you like to say to your fans and this show?

Divyanka - There is an appointment on 11th April, please remember that you all are with us.

Eijaz - Thursday and Friday at 8 pm

Sachin- The show is very good, having faces like Divyanka Tripathi and Ejaz Khan in this show is also a blessing. I think whoever watches this show will enjoy it a lot. They will also get to see how the intelligence officers of our country balance their personal and professional lives.


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