Kushal Tandon spoke against Armaan Malik on Vishal Pandey slap case

OTT News: Armaan Malik slapped Vishal Pandey in Bigg Boss OTT 3. Now Kushal Tandon has criticized the producers for not taking action against Armaan Malik.

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Kushal Tandon spoke against Armaan Malik on Vishal Pandey slap case
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A lot of drama is being seen in Bigg Boss OTT 3 this time. In the latest episode of the show, Vishal Pandey had to pay a heavy price for making a comment on Kritika Malik. After which Armaan Malik slapped Vishal Pandey. At the same time, actor Kushal Tandon has criticized the producers for not taking action against Armaan Malik.

Kushal Tandon came out in support of Vishal Pandey 

Let us tell you that Kushal Tandon expressed his disappointment with this entire slapping incident on Twitter. He wondered why no action was taken against Armaan for being violent on the show. He tweeted, "This is so weird, Bigg Boss OTT is already going bad. But seriously the makers are allowed to slap? And now you are allowed to call someone beautiful if she is married? What crime is this boss?" The actor said, "The person who slapped should be thrown out or else, everyone should slap each other".

Vishal Pandey's sister supported her brother

Vishal Pandey's sister Neha Pandey shared a note on her Instagram handle and wrote, "I am sure my brother has done nothing wrong. He has neither insulted anyone nor has he said anything inappropriate or had any ill intention behind his comment. Unfortunately, Payal Malik and Armaan misunderstood his genuine compliment. As a family, we stand by him wholeheartedly. We trust him and know his character well. Every woman feels safe around him and we see that Vishal has our full support. His clean heart and intentions make it clear that Armaan does not deserve to be on the show. He should publicly apologize to my brother and Bigg Boss should take strict action by removing him from the show. Let's come together and support Vishal".

Vishal Pandey's parents made this request to the makers

Vishal Pandey's parents had also requested to remove Armaan from the reality series over the slapping incident. They said, "Please Bigg Boss, I request you to remove the person from the house who raised his hand on my children." To date we have never raised our hands on him, we have raised him with so much love. We did not send him to Bigg Boss thinking that someone would raise a hand on him. We have raised our child with a lot of love and have never beaten him. We did not send him to school. 

Armaan Malik slapped Vishal Pandey for this

Let us tell you that recently there was a fight between the parents of contestants Armaan Malik and Vishal Pandey, after which Armaan slapped Vishal. It all started when Vishal told fellow contestant Lovkesh Kataria that he "finds Armaan's wife Kritika Malik beautiful". Later, when Armaan comes to know about this, he confronts Vishal. In a clip released on social media, Armaan is seen running towards Vishal and asking, "Tell me one thing, is your habit like this now or was it like this before?" Then, Vishal clarifies, "I did not speak like that". Later, Armaan turns to Lovkesh and says, "Aaj ye mere gharwalon ke liye bola, kal tere liye bolaega."

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