Nidhi Bisht Returns as 'Didi' for 'Mamla Legal Hai' Season 2!

Netflix has greenlit a second season of the popular courtroom comedy series 'Mamla Legal Hai', but the release date is yet to be announced

Nidhi Bisht, who plays the character of 'Didi' in the show, is returning for the second season

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the return of 'Didi' after her iconic line "Didi dalil nahi deti, didi khud dalil hai" went viral

Nidhi Bisht expressed her gratitude towards the audience for their love and support for her character

In the second season, viewers can expect double the wit, charm, and entertainment from 'Didi'

Nidhi Bisht, who plays 'Didi', is a lawyer in real life as well

The first season ended abruptly, leaving fans with unanswered questions, but the second season is expected to provide all the answers

'Didi's quirky charm has captivated audiences and created trending hashtags and viral memes

The second season of 'Mamla Legal Hai' promises to be a double dose of quirkiness and entertainment