The Great Indian Kapil Show will stream on Netflix from 30th March

Who does not know Kapil Sharma? The great comedian Kapil Sharma needs no introduction today. From the laughter challenge to making his show and his name, Kapil has not only made people laugh but has also won their hearts.

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The Great Indian Kapil Show will stream on Netflix from 30th March
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Who does not know Kapil Sharma? The great comedian Kapil Sharma needs no introduction today. From the laughter challenge to making his show and his name, Kapil has not only made people laugh but has also won their hearts. Today, Kapil Sharma, who has made his name a household name, will now be seen live on Netflix from TV.

Kapil's Netflix Debut: 'The Great Indian Kapil Show'

Let us tell you that Kapil Sharma's new show 'The Great Indian Kapil Show' will stream on Netflix from March 30. Kapil's old friend Sunil Grover will also be seen in this show along with Krishna Abhishek, Kiku Sharda, Rajeev Thakur, and Archana Puran Singh.

To celebrate the arrival of the show on a new platform, host Sachin Kumbhar asked some interesting questions to the cast of the show during a fun interview. Now when so many comedians sit together and the atmosphere is not pleasant, this cannot happen. This interview started with fun and jokes. This interview took place on the set of a show which looks completely different yet similar. Now if you have gone from TV to Netflix, both the atmosphere and mood will be different.

Kapil Sharma and team are going to create a blast of laughter in every home and TV from 30th March to every Saturday at 8 pm, that too in a different style on a completely new platform.

On this occasion, Netflix India's series head Tanya Bami was also present, who has taken 'The Kapil Sharma Show' from TV to the Netflix platform. On this occasion, Tanya praised the entire team of the show and Kapil who has made us laugh for so many years. Praising Kapil's show, Tanya says, “We all have been a part of the banter of his house, and he has been a part of the laughter of our house every Saturday and Sunday. I am very happy that we will now get to see this laughter and fun on Netflix.”

The Great Indian Kapil Show

Now that the set is of the airport terminal, the entry will also be in the airport's small vehicle. Kapil's team arrived in a car to become the new family of Netflix India.

The entire team joked a lot with the audience there too. When Archana ji asked the audience whether they saw the promo of the show? In response to this Kapil says, “You are talking about the same promo on which more than one crore views have been received.”

When the host of the show asked Kapil, how do you feel, today you are a guest here and I am sitting on this chair as the host, in response to which Kapil said in his funny style, “We will send you back in half an hour.”

Kapil further says, “It feels great, you all have given so much love to the show. This time when I saw the trailer of our show, I also felt that we were looking like very expensive artists. We aim to keep making you laugh in the same way as we have been making you laugh to date. Our endeavor is always to do something better. You will enjoy even more as you watch the episodes. I hope that you will keep giving us love like you have given us to date.”

The Great Indian Kapil Show Teaser: Kapil Sharma And Sunil Grover Reunite  For New Comedy Show

Question- You have done shows in the country and abroad, so did you ever think that you would do a show on Netflix with your team?

Kapil- Yes sir, I went to America only after talking. We all have a dream to move forward in our work and do better. It feels good working with Netflix. We are fortunate that we have had the opportunity to work with Netflix.

On this occasion, a very beautiful game was played in which everyone was given a chit and in it, they had to write their questions which host Sachin asked the cast.

Question- Archana ji, you have known Kapil since the time of ‘The Great Indian Days’, so how much has changed in Kapil since that time?

Archana- The level of comedy has increased, there is no other change. The specialty of Kapil is that he has maintained the route from which he came. There is immense love and respect among our entire team. He may have come from a small town but he has a big heart.

Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma re-unite after spat for The Great Indian  Kapil Show

Question- Tanya ji, when did you think of bringing The Kapil Sharma Show on Netflix?

Tanya- The same day I joined Netflix India, that is a different thing, it took a lot of time. We started with Kapil's standup special and today we are here.

Question- What is that thing that keeps you a part of Kapil Sharma's show even after so many years?

Kiku- Very good food is available on the sets (humorously). I have been a part of this show for a long time and I enjoy working with them. We explore a lot together. The happiest time for me is when we are preparing to make the episode that is when I have the most fun. When we discuss jokes for episodes and laugh the whole day, I don't think life can get better than this.

Question- Krishna, in what style will you be seen on Kapil's show this time and what avatar of yours will the audience get to see?

Krishna- This time since we are coming on Netflix, we thought of doing something new, so I have become a girl again (humorously). This time we have worked a lot on the characters, so everyone will get to see our different varieties in every episode.

Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover And Others' Fun-Filled Moments At Press Meet

Talking about the show, Archana Puran Singh said, “The writer has the biggest role in any content, especially in comedy. I think the hardest thing is writing for comedy. And on top of that, the veterans enhance those dialogues by making them even better.”

The entire team stood up to thank the writers of the show and clapped for them.

Question- Rajiv ji, you do so many shows with Kapil, you have been working together for so many years, so what is this relationship called?

Rajiv- Friendship. And all these people take such unfair advantage of this friendship that my talent gets buried under it (humorously).

Question- Sunil Ji would like to say a few words about this Bharat Milap.

Sunil- It was 6 years ago, we were sitting on a flight, and we had to go to Netflix India. So we thought let's do something as a publicity stunt. So that was just our publicity stunt for the launch of this show.



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