'Yeh Meri Family' Season 3 is streaming on Amazon Mini TV

The comedy series 'Yeh Meri Family', which came in 2018, has created a unique place for itself among the audience. After two seasons of this story based on a middle-class family,

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'Yeh Meri Family' Season 3 is streaming on Amazon Mini TV
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The comedy series 'Yeh Meri Family', which came in 2018, has created a unique place for itself among the audience. After two seasons of this story based on a middle-class family, now it is the turn of the third season for which the audience has been waiting for a long time. This series made by The Viral Fever (TVF) has made a place in the hearts of people. In this season of this series, Juhi Parmar is seen in the role of Neerja, Rajesh Kumar in the role of Sanjay, Angad Raj in the role of Rishi, Hetal Gada in the role of Ritika and Veena Mehta in the role of grandmother. Season 3 is streaming on Amazon Mini TV.

TVF's Heartwarming Series: Season 3 Streaming on Amazon Mini TV

Everyone has felt a sense of belonging with the trailer of this show, what would you like to say about this show?

Angad- This is probably the only show that I have done that people of the 90s will be able to relate to. There will be some new twist in every episode which everyone will be able to relate to.

Juhi- This show is such that everyone likes it. And seeing this everyone said that this is my family. The concept of this show is such that people will see their family in our family and they will be able to relate to our characters. The objective of the show is also that you can connect with your family and strengthen your roots somewhere back. I think belongingness is the strongest pillar of our show.

Rajesh- The bottom line of the show is that you find yourself in this show. This is also the secret to the success of this show. We do not dream of a big car or a big house, we just talk about our today's desires.

Juhi- Small things give us happiness. At that time, having one's room was a big deal. Children used to have a hobby that if they had their room, they would be able to put up posters in it. People like the innocence of this show and its characters.

Yeh Meri Family Season 3

If you had to describe your family in one word, what would you say?

Hetal- I think family means strength because my family consists of very few people. My family includes me, my mother, and my maternal grandparents. So whatever arguments happen are between the four of us only but our strength also comes from there. After a tough day, when you go back to your family and they support you, then I feel that this is family.

Angad- For me, family means extremely related.

Juhi- For me, family means backbone. You cannot survive without them. You can face all the difficulties in the world if you have your family with you. Your backbone is your family.

Rajesh- Family is addiction, you want to spend as much time as possible with them. Maybe that's why it was called a joint family.

Yeh Meri Family Season 3

The show depicts the 90s, so how was it for you to play the character of that time? And how was this entire journey for you?

Hetal- I love the films and songs of the 90s, and through this show, I have lived that 90s. At that time everything used to be very simple but in today's time, every emotion is very complicated. Today's times are such that it takes a lot of time for us to know ourselves, but that was the time when people knew their families well and gave importance to relationships. Everything on the set looked vintage and amazing to us. For us, it was a museum. We have had a lot of fun in this entire journey.

Juhi- At that time, things had a lot of value. At that time we used to be happy in small things and used to value them. Many people will relate to the fact that at that time there were only a few occasions in the year when we bought new clothes. On Diwali or any festival or on your birthday or there is someone's wedding at home. Earlier, clothes were bought only for a special day, but today we order clothes sitting at home without any reason. At that time things had value, people used to value relationships but today those things are becoming extinct somewhere.

Rajesh- Earlier, I missed the way children grew up in joint families without much interference from their parents. I think it is very important for children to get the values of two different generations. By sitting with their grandmother, the children have learned many things that we as parents could not have taught them. And this is how ‘Yeh Meri Family’ is made.

Juhi and Rajesh, what do you think the generation gap means?

Rajesh- I believe that somewhere that person must have stopped and that is why that gap must have appeared. I think this should not happen. One should move step by step. There will be no generation gap even if there is a little lag behind. I have never felt a generation gap between Juhi, her daughter, and Juhi's mother. I don't think Hetal also has a generation gap with her family members. There is no generation gap when you are living with each other.

Juhi- When you keep changing yourself with things then the generation gap does not come. But when you are adamant about something that has been going on since my time and your thoughts are the same, then a generation gap arises. When you understand the change and keep changing accordingly then there is no generation gap. I don't feel a generation gap with my daughter, rather I enjoy when she teaches me these new Gen Z words.

Will fans get to see something exciting in this season?

Rajesh- The children have grown up.

Hetal- Our habits, lifestyle, fun, and jokes have changed a lot with the season. The mischief of the children is also increasing and due to this Neerja's anger is also increasing.

Juhi- This season the children have troubled me a lot.

Angad- Children are growing up, mischief is increasing, and suspense is also increasing.

Hetal- Not only fun and jokes, there are also a lot of emotional things. We are also showing some such emotions where we are not able to express those emotions through words but they are done through emotions.

Would you like to share some memories related to Mayapuri Magazine?

Rajesh- Magazine Bollywood gossip used to be very good. There used to be very good stories for the family. The first version of Mayapuri was as big as a newspaper.

Juhi- I remember the name, but I was very young at that time so I don't remember much.

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