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So, Sasural Simar Ka is getting an extension. Yes, you heard that right. Simar and her dysfunctional family are going to stay on your TV screens for a little while longer. At this point I’m just hoping that this doesn’t turn into forever!

I’m amazed that the show ran for six years in the first place. And now, even that looks like very little time considering what we’re up for. How the hell did we get here?

To help you dwell a little more on your ill-fated luck, let’s take a look at what all lies in store ahead.

First and foremost, terrible writing.

It is needless to say that a 5-year-old could have scripted a better story than what is being telecast as Simar’s troubles. From saas-bahu to bahu turning a saas and then a bahu turning into a makkhi! Cut me slack already.

Am I the only one who thinks Simar really needs to get a life?

Or that she’s too confused and messed up as a person. I mean, does Simar really get married to the SAME guy four times? Oh yes she does. Also, does she really turn into a fly? That thing you see buzzing over your sweet dessert right now is Simar, you guys! In between all this, Simar (who looks like she’s 25-26) also has a 20-year jump with the most fake white wig that you can find in the market.

Simar got pregnant with the devil’s child and decided to keep it, remember? We can expect Satan to  be ruling our TV screens soon.

What else can we expect in the upcoming episodes? More Benjamin Button-inspired makeup with a hint of Indian mythology interwoven with over-the-top melodrama, I say.

Next up, we are looking at times when our mind would be fried thinking about the show’s genre.

What started off as typical family drama saga-two sisters marrying two brothers, blah blah, turned into a hard-to-digest, weird mixture of everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, we’ve seen and read on the Indian subcontinent. I mean, I can’t even start with how many supernatural characters this serial has seen. A witch, a serpent, a ghost of course. And oh! I’m sure everyone here is aware of the Game of Thrones cover photo they plagiarised. I mean, what in the world were they thinking! What do you think they’ll come out with this time? Maybe, a House of Cards poster remake.

Finally, how can we ever forget the lovely daily, newspaper updates that we’re going to get!

“Simar comes draped in a red saree while Roli comes in blue. Their bindis are, however, of the same colour. Will this be the start of the hate between the sisters?”

I can’t even…good luck guys. Let’s catch up on all the latest updates here? Maybe not.

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