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Pankaj Tripathi gets emotional as he recalls his inspiration during the virtual edition of Critics’ Choice Awards


One of the most revered powerhouses of the entertainment world, Pankaj Tripathi got teary-eyed in the course of the virtual edition of Critics’ Choice Awards.

The versatile actor was honoured as ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl at the award ceremony.

Tears welled up from his eyes as he recalled the inspiration that led him to becoming an actor during his thank-you speech

Pankaj said, “In Bihar, there’s a river called Gandak that flows from Nepal. To the north of the river, there’s a district called Champaran and towards the south, there’s a district called Gopalganj.

In 1988-99, I read an article that a boy from Champaran arrives in cinema and becomes an actor.

This news reached me while I lived in the district that was in the south and that actor was Manoj Bhaiyya (Manoj Bajpai).

I thought if someone from that side of the river’s bank can become an actor then why can’t I? That news stayed with me.

“Today I have two honours – one is winning an award by the ceremony and the second is sitting with Manoj Bhaiyya” Pankaj Tripathi

Emerging as one of the most inclusive award ceremonies, Critics’ Choice Awards celebrated talent, artists and technicians in feature films, web series and short films across all Indian languages.

The winners and nominees of the prestigious award ceremony unanimously lauded Film Critics Guild, Motion Content Group and Vistas Media Capital for joining forces for the one-of-a-kind celebration.