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Param Singh Turns Belly Dancer And Shimmies To Dilbar On Zee Tv In Haiwan-The Monster

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Actors go the extra mile to get into the skin of their characters and effortlessly adapt to their roles and one such actor who is winning hearts with his natural performance is television sweetheart Param Singh. He is currently seen as Randhir, a scientist, in Zee TV and Ekta Kapoor’s immensely popular show ‘Haiwan-The Monster’. Until now, viewers have seen how Amrita (played by Ridhima Pandit) struggles between the real Randhir(played by Param Singh) and fake Randhir that is a robot resembling him called ‘Red X’.  In the upcoming episodes, viewers will see that Randhir will get into a belly dancer’s look to prove his identity and save Amrita from ‘Red X’, his own evil robotic avatar, who is trying to harm her. On the other hand,Ansh (played by Ankit Mohan) is getting insecure with ‘Red X’ getting close to Amrita. While it looked easy and effortless for Param to wear a belly dancer’s outfit on-screen, it was quite a struggle for him behind the scenes!

Param Singh said,“My first experience in a woman’s look was in boarding school, I played the role of ‘Helen of Troy’. This is the third or fourth time that I am donning a woman’s attire in my life but for the first time in a belly dancer’s avatar. It was a great experience for me, it took an hour to do the make-up and another 40 minutes to remove the heavy makeup. The belly dancer was there on the sets to teach me the steps but you won’t believe that  within 2 hours I was doing a great job. I was very confident as I love playing different characters, it wasn’t very difficult to do belly dance but the difficult part was to get the body language of a belly dancer right. I danced to the iconic song ‘DilbarDilbar’ and I think I pulled it off really well. I really enjoyed it as I love to take on these challenges.”Kudos to Param for wearing the outfit and slaying the belly dancer look!In spite of his efforts to save Amrita, will she believe in Randhir’s truth or will she get trapped by Red X?  To know more, tune into Haiwan- The Monster every Saturday-Sunday at 7:00 pm on Zee TV!

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