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Patriotism Is In My Blood- Vivek Oberoi


Honorable Nitin Gadkari launched the poster of P.M Narender Modi’s Biopic at his residence in Nagpur,lately….  in the presence of Actor Vivek Oberoi and producer Sandip S Singh. The film all set to release on 24thMay ,2019.The film being directed by Omung Kumar who has already tried hi hands at making ,’ Mary Kom” & Sarbjit’s biopic. Owing to elections the film got delayed. Also the film being the biopic of P.M Modi is the most awaited film of the year.

Vivek Oberoi annwers a volley of queries on personal and professional level….Lipika Varma

Vivek’s Sundays’ are mostly for his family and children but owing to his promotional activities for his film,’ P.M. Narender Modi he misses his family Sunday “ I have been busy travelling just returned. But we have been working round the clock have said sorry to my wife my mother and my children mainly because been working on a Sunday too. Usually, on a Sunday I spend time with my children randomly make breakfast or lunch for them. For breakfast I do make idili and Dosas too though I am not all that perfect a cook.”

Vivek-Oberoi-with family

“Giving a sneak peek about his organic farming/ garden on the terrace Vivek updates,’ “We plant organic stuff in our terrace garden on one Sunday and harvest it the other Sunday all that we collect on the harvesting day I sort it out and then make some good breakfast which my kids love to relish as it’s made by my hands. Kids love it

Met in the morning feeling sorry and said sorry

It will be s double celebrations,” Finally it feels happy while saying on 23of May Modi will come with a huge majority.  And on 24th May Ko cinema gharho mein aa rahe hai.’ Its celebrations time. We will not only celebrate the film’s release but also celebrate the coming back to office of our honorable P.M. Modi.I remember when ast month the film’s preview was all set ,I received the intimation to stop the release. Yes, I felt the pressure though we have made the film keeping in mind all legalities. Nonetheless, the film is releasing now and we are happy about it.

Adding about the benefit he says,’ ,It is going to benefit the Country from stability point of view .I think he is going to come with the vote of confidence and it’s going to be a huge majority and unanimously.. This time it’s not going to be because of The Modi wave.’


Giving an insight about changes brought about that was updated by his IAS friend he says,”“ I was talking to a friend of mine he is not a political guy but a 1AS officer. He is connected with direct transfer scheme. About 3 and a half crores of people are connected to direct transfer scheme. This amount comes directly to your account. Earlier everyone had to go to the thekedars…sahukars to get their money .So they had to pay under the table, But now all this has been stopped .Un-presciently about 55 crs of people are getting their money directly without the fear of any corruption. This is a major and an evident change.

Elaborating about patriotism what he feels,’ ‘Patriotism is in my blood. Born in a family both family sides belonging to freedom fighters clan from my father’s side and mothers side as well, they were from blue blood royal family even though they are blue blood from also are from complete diverse states. Punjab and South. Both my grandparents maternal and paternal belong to freedom fighters…Dadaji[paternal grand father] from, Bhagat Singh’s group and [nanaji ] maternal grandfather from Southern India Chennai; he too belonged from freedom fighters.’


 Adding more how his mom-dad decided to marry,’  When my mom and dad got married ,they were  children of freedom fighters- that was the common ground of marriage, feelings of  patriotism was coming from their families too. They never bothered about any cast and creed .Coming to my marriage I married a girl who belongs to a family who have served the Country. Her dadji a Southern Prince who surrendered his Khadi clothing during Mahatma Gandhi’s time.

Getting the offer to play P.M. Narender Modi he confirms,” Indeed I and Sandip Singh [debut producer] are thick of pals, we know each other from a long time.Sandeep had been approaching me to do a few scripts, but I would always say ,” Shall see later on.’  While I was shooting in Bhuj when Sandip came to me with this script I just said yes.” He looked at me in astonishment…..” I further told him what next? Next day we hired a team and started research .Went through innumerable interviews etc and we started shooting at a blitz Krieg speed.’’


 Being trolled for his look of P.M Narender Modi…Vivek clarifies,’ Yes, no sooner the poster was released. I was badly trolled about he look. I am a positive man so all this never makes any difference to be.Infact when we decided upon the look I was very clear that make up or prosthetics whatever it will be,’ Make in India.’Coz I was to reprise the role of Honorable P.M Modi .It took me eight hours to wear the make up. I love to take challenges.”

 Adding further more about the physical transformation the toughest part was to show the strength of the, ’ Eyes ’ that can be seen in P.M Modi,’Vivek reveals,’ This was the toughest. But I decided to follow on the footsteps of P.M.Modi….I would get up early in the mornings at .Start the day with,’Pranayam” & Yoga. Thereafter relished fruits for my breakfast. This habit I have inculcated within ne so strongly that I have taken this in my daily routine.Playinng this character I must confess the effect of transformation has not only left an undying impression on me but it has become my habit.”


Lastly ,getting all praises from his body Hrithik Roshan especially for his physical transformation Vivek gives away a sneak peek about it,’ I felt really enthused and happy when Hrithik praised my physical transformation. Especially, when he asked me how come I could represent the strength of P.M Modi so very earnestly. He could see te spark in my eyes….I just got up from my chair and hugged him. Who else better than Hrithik would understand my hard work as I had transformed for the character of Karl in his film. He concludes,.

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