Payal Ghosh learns the flamenco dance for a particular song in her upcoming film New York to Haridwar

By Team Bollyy
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Payal Ghosh

Payal Ghosh learns the beautiful flamenco dance for her upcoming film New York to Haridwar. The film will be extensively shot in new york and Haridwar. It will have a sequence which will need to payal to perform the flamenco dance.


We have heard of Barbara thorned and Penelope Cruz swearing by this dance form from Spain. And it is just beautiful and soothing to the eyes.

Payal has a penchant for learning and especially dance is something that she absolutely loves. She is super excited and we are about to find that out.


Payal says, "I have been a fan of this form as a child. I saw a video of Penelope Cruz as a child when I absolutely loved this form and was wondering what it was actually.

When I got the opportunity to learn it for a song sequence in my upcoming, it was just amazing. Life comes full circle and this is truly a manifestation that I had done.


I am learning online and it's a beautiful community and teachers that I am working with. I can't wait for the shoot to resume safely. The safety of the people is of prime concern and that is some that can't be compromised.

Let's take care of one another and stay safe everyone. The pandemic has shown its ugly head again and we need to be within protocols at all times."

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