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Payal Ghosh Takes To Mediterranean Diet For Her Upcoming Project


Payal Ghosh has taken to a Mediterranean diet for an up and coming project and she looks a million bucks every time we see her. Payal is someone who has always been meticulous when it comes to preparing for her characters and this is one step ahead in that direction. She has been very strict on her with the diet which is a low carb diet. She has been taking to various other sessions to prepare for the character.

We spoke to Payal on this and here is what she has to say, ” I have taken to this diet and my body is taking time to get accustomed to it. Being a Bengali girl i always had a sweet tooth and i can’t have any during this diet which is a huge challenge. I am trying to enjoy it. I would not let my director down on the day of shoot at any cost. It’s been a long time coming. My energy systems are changing though. I feel more agile and energetic. I will come out with details about this project soon.”

We know Payal is a lover of details and the preparation that she puts in for a character is second to none. We wish her all the luck and love for her project and we would keep you updated with the progress of the new project and her fitness endeavour as well.

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