“Peheli Baar Aaye Hai Bharat Leke Aaye Hai” - Actor Randeep Hooda on embracing Manipuri Culture for wife Lin Laishram

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Peheli Baar Aaye Hai Bharat Leke Aaye Hai

Randeep Hooda, the versatile Bollywood actor known for his compelling performances, recently captivated attention with news of his Manipuri wedding to Lin Laishram, a talented actor and model from Manipur. The actor, known for his intense roles on screen, took a joyous step into a new chapter of life, celebrating the union in the culturally rich traditions of Manipur.

Hooda shared his excitement about embracing the culture of Manipur through his marriage. The ceremony was a vibrant blend of traditions, showcasing the diversity and beauty of Manipuri customs. Hooda expressed his deep respect for the heritage and customs of Manipur, stating that the wedding was a remarkable opportunity for him to immerse himself in the region's rich cultural tapestry.


Talking to reporters after offering prayers at a temple at Heingang in Imphal East district, Hooda said, "Peace for Manipur, peace everywhere in the world and happy married life. ‘Peheli baar aye hai Baraat leke aye hai’ and it is my first time here, I pray for a happy future, peace for Manipur and everywhere in the world, a happy married life and many more things," says Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda after arriving in Imphal to marry his girlfriend Manipuri model and actress Lin Laishram.

Asked if other Bollywood stars would be attending the November 29 wedding, Hooda said, "It's just me."


With visible enthusiasm, Hooda highlighted the significance of understanding and embracing diverse cultures in today's world. His eagerness to assimilate and appreciate the customs of Manipur stands as a testament to the importance of cultural exchange and unity amidst diversity.

Moreover, the actor's admiration for Manipur goes beyond his personal life. He vocalized his appreciation for the state's scenic beauty, its unique artistic expressions, and the warmth of its people. Hooda's openness to learning and embracing the essence of Manipuri culture symbolizes a broader message of unity in diversity, inspiring others to appreciate and celebrate the richness of different cultures.

As Hooda ventures into this new chapter of his life, his enthusiasm to embrace Manipuri culture serves as an inspiring example of cultural acceptance and appreciation, setting a precedent for fostering unity and celebrating diversity in the world.

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