People should understand...How can some scenes in the middle of the 2 hour 59 minute film 'Adipurush' be changed and shown on the screen?

By Bollyy
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There has been a lot of noise regarding the reshoot of the film 'Adipurush'. Both the audience and the producers are crying out for a change. That too, when the film has already been released in cinema houses. The film was also not made in a small amount of money, it was made by spending 600 crores. Raising the issue of reshooting in such a situation is not an easy task, that too for just 5 objectionable dialogues.publive-image We do not say that those raising objections are wrong. We do not say that anyone making fun of our mythological story should be left out. The point is that we have to understand both the situations. Reshoot means reconstructing the same scenes and dialogues again. Suppose we have to change Ravana's (Saif Ali Khan) Khiljinuma beard or Sita Maiya (Kriti Sanon) has to wear Pitambari instead of a chiffon cut-half-open saree or we have to change the same dialogue from Bajrang's (Hanumanji) mouth in a new situation. .. The same thing will have to be shot again at the same location with the same cast. After that editing, mixing, dubbing, and doing VFX means- a long expenditure. After that, it is the turn to censor again. Under the Censor Rules, if something is to be added or removed from a film, it is necessary to censor the film again. The Censor Board has to give a new script for the changes to be made with the previous censor script. Then after the producer applies for the censor, the censor board sends information to its five members to watch the film. Some of them are those who have seen the film earlier and some are new members. Based on his appearance, the producer is said to be a censor-approved hall.ADIPURUSH 1 Come on, this film (Adipurush) is running in theatres, the producers are very big people (T series company) and nowadays there is a trend of doing things beyond the rules and regulations. The government is also listening more to the Parliament of Religions. It is possible that as Manoj Muntashir said that all the changes will happen in two days. It is possible Let me tell one thing here in these situations it is not necessary to construct new scenes, the controversial topic from the film can also be cut out. Everything can happen quickly, yet censoring has to be done. It is also possible that by creating controversy, the intention of the producer company is to get publicity by writing only 5 dialogues and at the time of the shooting, the director (Om Raut) has already kept stock shots after shooting the scenes with good dialogues. If this happened, nowadays after getting the censor with ufo technology (because prints are no longer sent to talkies), the changed film can be shown directly to the audience in the theater. This means - what Manoj Muntashir has said - it is possible, provided the protestors accept the situation easily.


- Translated by Muskan Taneja



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