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Picasso, Chintu Ka Birthday, Bhayanakam Showcased on Day 3 at 10th Jagran Film Festival Mumbai


The third day of 10th Jagran Film Festival witnessed conversations with Arjun Kapoor and Mukesh Chhabra by Rajeev Masand. Inaamul Haq, Vinay Pathak, Prasad Oak and Ahsaan Qureshi along with other dignitaries were also present at the third day of 10th JFF. Abhijeet Mohan renowned Director of film Picasso had an Interactive Q&A session with the audience, post screening of the movie.During their interactive session, Arjun Kapoor and Rajeev Masand embarked on a discussion about the past, present and future of Bollywood from the lens of a young actors. The discussion moved seamlessly through topics like the current state of cinema in the times of OTT content, demonetization of the Bollywood industry and Anil Kapoor’s influence on Arjun as an actor. Arjun Kapoor got candid as he spoke about how children of film stars and outsiders struggle in their own ways and neither is comparable to the other. Speaking on the recent shift in content in cinema, Arjun believes that due to social media and availability of more options the audience is choosing what they truly relate with and this has made filmmakers more conscious about the content they are putting out. In the following session, Mukesh Chhabra discussed his directorial debut and his subsequent return to being a casting director. He took some time to share some tips that Bollywood aspirants can exercise to increase their chances of getting a big break. Mukesh went on to elaborated on the trust dynamics that film directors must share with casting directors when it comes to launching new faces.The session was ended with Q&A rounds of Mukesh Chhabra giving advice to Bollywood aspirants and stressing the importance of culture and language in filmmaking.

India & World premiere movies & Documentary:  Tindey, Daughters of Winter, Chintu Ka Birthday, KD, #Gadhvi, Picasso. Present were Vnay Pathak, Prasad Oak, Sambhavana Seth, Tilottama Ghosh etc.

Mumbai Premiere: The Very Lost Day (Taiwanese film contributed by TECC), Bhayanakam, The Last Elvis

Feature films: Assassination of Mahatma, The Wall, Nirmal Anand Ki Puppy

Bengali Movie: Swimming Through Darkness

Rajnigandha Achiever’s Film: Soorma

Arjun Kapoor at the 10th Jagran Film Festival in Mumbai
Arjun Kapoor at the 10th Jagran Film Festival in Mumbai
Prasad Oak at the 10th Jagran Film Festival in Mumbai
Mukesh Chhabra at the 10th Jagran Film Festival in Mumbai
Mukesh Chhabra at the 10th Jagran Film Festival in Mumbai

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