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PIFF – Day 5 film 10 days before the wedding was made in only 30,000 $


As life slowly returns to normal in the recently freed city of Aden, A number of obstacles stands in the way of a young couple as only 10 days are left for their wedding, each obstacle is in one way or another caused by the aftermath of the 2015 war in Aden; today’s temporary capital of Yemen.

Samar Nakhate in conversation with Vasanth S Sai, Director and Producer of the movie ‘Sivaranjani And Two Other Women’ at a press conference held at PIFF Forum
Samar Nakhate in conversation with Tereza Hofova, Actress of the movie ‘Domestique’ at a press conference held at PIFF Forum

Amr Gamal, Director of the movie was present for the press conference.

1. The movie is made only in 30,000 dollar budget. There is no theatre, no television in Aden, since 3 years because of the war. So the cast said yes to do the movie even they knew that it is going to be a very small budget one.

2. It was difficult to shoot as after the war it was the first movie to be shot on streets. Everyone had the courage to shoot as everyone was anyway dying at home.

3. City people helped us a lot while shooting. They showed some great gesture towards us.

4. The movie became a big hit. As the movie theatres are destroyed in Aden by war, We decided to show this movie in wedding halls using a cheap HD projector.

5. The message he gave was, If a small team like ours can pull off then anybody in the world can. Nothing is impossible.

6. Through the movie we have also tried to show that if war ends it does not mean that peace will come soon. People have fight to make it a happy place.

amar Nakhate in conversation with Antonella Gaeta, Screenplay Writer of the movie ‘My Own Good’ during the Press Conference at PIFF Forum (L-R) Samar Nakhate, Antonella Gaeta and Abhijit Randive.
Samar Nakhate in conversation with Amr Gamal , Director of the movie ‘Ten Days Before The Wedding’ at a press conference held at PIFF Forum

Film – Shivranjani and two other women:

Shivranjani a young college student is a promising sprinter poised to take the athletic world by storm at the National level. Devaki is a working woman with refreshing candour who zealously guards her privacy. Saraswathi is a nurturer who cooks flavourful meals and tends to her baby all day long. Domestic violence, family dynamics and early marriage and pregnancy intrude into their lives.

Vasanth S Sai, Director of the movie was present for the press conference.

1. When asked the reason to title the movie as ‘Shivranjani and two other women’ he said, For me every women is shivranjani so it just a metaphor given to the movie.

2. Before 80’s all the three short stories were written and every time I read it I felt something new in it. So ‘Shivranjani and two other women’ is a short story from the literature. I wanted to express the story in my own way so I decided to make a movie on it.

3. When I was young I could never play cricket on Sundays as I had to accompany my sister to her friends place. My sister was not allowed to go alone and because of that I could not play cricket. That experience is also reflected in some way here.

4. For me acting is nothing but behaving and this is what I insist my artist.

5. In this movie, for any dilemma I would go with my artist, as being a woman they will know better than me.

6. The movie will have big theatrical release after 5-6 months. By now we have received great response from the audience so I have started to dream about the success.

Film- ‘Domestique’

Actress of the movie Tereza Hofova was present for the press conference.

She said, This is a highly conceptual movie. It works with distances. My character is of Sarlota, who is a teacher and wife of the leading male character Roman who is a cyclist. The beginning and the end of the movie moved me.

Film- ‘My own Good’

Screenplay writer Antonella Gaeta was present for the press conference.

She said, As the story of the movie unfolds in an abandoned town, silence and absence were also important elements from which we started. It took several versions for this story to come out as we wanted it to be.

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