Playing A Positive Character In 'Ishq Subhan Allah' Was A Challenge, Says Urvashi Upadhyay

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Which was your debut show?

I made my TV debut in 2008 with "Hamari Devrani". I played the role of Manjula Nanavati in it. It was a negative character that I played in it.

Can you talk about your role in your current show "Ishq Subhan Allah"?

I play Begum Noorjahan, a music healer. My character finds Zara, the lead actress, half dead and helps her recover. Whatever negativity or hatred Zara had in her heart, Noorjahan healed it all through her music. Zara treats Noorjahan like her mother and even Noorjahan treats her like her daughter. So it's a beautiful relationship that they have shown.


What made you choose this role?

I lost my mother last year and it was very difficult for me to move on. So when this role came to me I couldn't say no and in a way, the character of a music healer has helped me heal too.

Your look is very different from what you have done before.

Yes, it's very different. I have mostly worn a saree for all my roles, but Begum Noorjahan wears long kurtis and palazzo and completes the look with oxidised jewellery. Her hair is curly and messy like an artist and she wears a nose pin too.


Is this role challenging for you?

I have never played a positive character before. In fact, my character in 'Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat' and 'Ummid Nayi Subah Ki' were both beautiful but very strict. Apart from that, all my characters were hardcore negative. Noorjahan is the first positive character I am playing. There were some comments on social media too that Urvashi has always played a negative character, let's see how she plays this one. So my name is synonymous with a negative character. But I took this role as a challenge and I am enjoying it a lot. As an actor, I am very happy that I am able to explore various roles on-screen.

 Were you apprehensive of shooting during this time?

Shooting during COVID is quite scary. When I got the role I was a little apprehensive but then I realised this COVID is not going anywhere anytime soon, so it's better to do something than doing nothing at all. Even the producers are being very careful about the precautions. They check our body temperature, and then sanitise us and our stuff. They sanitise our rooms and even in between shots they sanitise the sets. We wear masks all the time. We are following all the guidelines.


If not an actor, what would you have been?

Never thought of what I will do. I started as a theatre actor and I am a trained classical dancer too. So, if not an actor I would have done that or may be a teacher because I have done M.Ed and was teaching too for sometime.

How do you think the TV industry has changed over the years?

A lot I would say. We used to have a call time back then, but there was no fixed time for pack up, because we used to run on a tight schedule. Today, schedules are made according to shifts. Targets are set as per schedules to make it easier for the actors. Also, social media has changed the TV space completely.

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