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Pooja Madan Has A Green New Year


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This New Year was extra special for actor Pooja Madan as she got to do the thing that she loves the most – travel. The actor was off to a forest reserve in Raigarh district in Maharashtra and had an amazing time there. “I went to celebrate New Years in a forest reserve in Raigarh district in Maharashtra. My family and friends went with me and so it was really special. I like celebrating all such occasions with my family and friends and starting off the New Year with them was the best thing I could have done. Talking about Raigarh, I was visiting it for the first time and it was amazing as the weather there was really awesome. I was feeling so good to be so close to nature as we were in the forest area from where we could see the mountains. There was so much greenery around. The air there was so fresh…it was really fantastic,” says the actor.

In fact, she got to do many fun things on the trip. “As I am an adventurous person, I love trying out new things. We did a few sport activities like archery, rifle shooting, which the kids really enjoyed. They were having fun shooting. We also experienced organic farming, which we normally don’t get to see or experience in normal life. So, it was really fun. But the best thing which I did was relax with my family, surrounded by greenery. In the evening, sitting and observing the beauty of nature with a a cup of coffee was such a great feeling. I still relish it,” she says.

Pooja Madan

Pooja enjoyed the local cuisine there as well. “We tried some Maharashtrian dishes like Pithal, Missal pav etc. We get these dishes in Mumbai but having these items made by the Maharashtrian women staying there was a different experience. They had an authentic taste. Having that food was really great, it was absolutely mouth-watering, I wish to have it again soon,” she says.

Ask her what are the top five things we must do when we head out to such a place, and she says, “This was a typical forest resort so people should go prepared for lush green surroundings, enjoy the view, have tasty food, walk a lot and just relax.”

And what’s the next destination on her wishlist? “I want to go for a Mediterranean cruise as I have never been on one before. I would love to experience it,” she says.

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