<strong>Poster Launch of Musical Marathi Movie 'Sarja'</strong>

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<strong>Poster Launch of Musical Marathi Movie 'Sarja'</strong>

Even though many love stories have dominated the hearts of fans till now, there is something different in every love story. It is for this reason that many writers-directors are sometimes tempted and determined to present love stories on the silver screen. Fans will get to see a musical love story in the upcoming Marathi film 'Sarja'. In this rural movie, fans will get to see aspects of love that have never been in the limelight. Recently the first poster of this film has been launched through social media. The poster of 'Sarja', which was released without any familiar face, is successfully receiving a lot of appriciation from the fans.

Presented by Rajvardhan Films Creation, 'Sarja' is produced by Amit Jaipal Patil and co-produced by Ramesh Rangrao Lad. The musical love story 'Sarja' has been directed by Dhananjay Manohar Khandagale and he has also written story, screenplay and dialogues of this film. The story takes place in a village with a purely rural background. Although there is no big Marathi star in the lead role in 'Sarja', it is succeeding in creating curiosity in the minds of the fans. As the poster is being highly appreciated on social media, the curiosity of the audience has reached its peak. Regarding 'Sarja', director Dhananjay Khandagale said that this is a real feel-good film. Each of these characters will relate to everyone who sees it. Along with the love story, various other aspects have been dealt in it. The dream of presenting a musical love story to the Marathi audience in the form of 'Sarja' has been made possible by Harshit-Abhiraj's experimental and melodious music. Our entire team has tried to present a perfect entertaining movie to the audience in the form of 'Sarja'.

Music composers Harshit-Abhiraj, who are currently in the limelight with the film 'Raundal', after making a name for themselves with the music-oriented film 'Baban', have given melodious music for 'Sarja'. In this movie Anil Nagarkar, Rohit Chavan, Tushar Nagargoje, Aishwarya Bhalerao, Aakash Petkar, Jyoti Shetsandhi, Jagannath Ghadage, Vishnu Kedar, Prashant Pise, Child Artist Gauri Khandagale, Kunal Gaikwad and other actors have played various characters. Prashant Prahlad Shinde is the executive producer of this film and Rahul Motling has done the cinematography. Editing done by Subodh Narkar and Art Direction done by Sunil Londhe. The film will be released on April 14 across Maharashtra.

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